Sunday, January 9, 2011

in which i confess...

to being a complete chicken when it comes to
my film watching. i am very particular about what types
of movies i watch. i like indie and foreign. i'll watch
spy stuff like mission impossible and bourne identity.
and of course, the craig, i mean, bond franchise. but
i never liked visual violence and horror, and after
i had my bubs, i was rendered even more of a lump
of quivering tofu. it's sad.

i have one tragic tale in which i chose to watch
The Orphanage, drawn by the fact that it was
a foreign film. if any of you know the premise...
oh, what a mistake that was.

i had the "pleasure" of watching Black Swan
recently. i went in knowing it'd be a psychological
thriller--but i still had to cover my eyes at some
of the more gruesome moments. (yes, i am an
Eye Coverer! don't judge!!) and in the end, i
can't say quite honestly, if i enjoyed the film.
tho i did feel that the acting was superb.

this brings me to reading, and violence and
horror in books. for some reason, i can tolerate
reading the gruesome much more than the
visual onslaught of it. perhaps because i feel
i have more control over the imagery in my head?
or that i can simply close the book and read at my
own chosen pace instead of being subjected to it
during a movie watching experience?

as a writer, i had no issue with describing
a decapitation and other gruesome things. but
that's me as an author, and the horror and imagery
is coming from me, not played at me.

so what about you, undies? i'm sure many of you
are fans of the gruesome and horrific in your reading.
are you equally enamored of the same genres in
film watching? is there anyone who can be my
scaredy cat buddy? =)


Cath's Chatter said...

I enjoy a good horror but out and out gore just doesn't do it for me...needless to say I have never watched any of the Saw movies although my friends rave on about them.

Sharon S. said...

I can read just about anything, but like you, I can't watch it . Lots of people found the book "Dust" too gross, it didn't phase me at all (of course I am a long time Stephen King fan). But I can't watch those slasher films. I haven't seen the Saw movies and never will! My 15 year old daughter is a horror movie fanatic! She has a life size Jason hanging in her room and quite the zombie fetish .

Terri Garey said...

Your reaction to The Black Swan was very much like mine, Cindy - I found the psychological aspects of it just too disturbing, and the overall movie too grim. (The scene where Natalie Portman FINALLY danced the Black Swan, however, was amazing, but did not make up for the rest of it!)

I'm definitely not into hard core horror or slasher films, either. Give me something creepy or spooky, fine, but keep the blood splatter to yourself, thank you! :)

I do like Koontz and King and and most scary reads!

cindy said...

oh i'm so glad i'm not the only one!

sharon, omg! your daughter and her love of horror movies. have you asked her why? i think many just like that adrenalin rush. i'd never bungee jump either.

terri, also a fan of koontz and king as a teen. and starting to read more horror again. i didn't mind the psychological thriller aspects as much as the bloody parts, i guess. but still difficult to watch.

Zombie Joe said...

I'm sure I posted that we not only went to this, but went with our son who is almost 20. My wife is an eye-hider as well, but she also loves special effects. She has also learned to trust me a bit with movies as Saw doesn't do it for me, but some of the movies I do watch are gory or gross.

Black Swan was less violent and gross as it was just psycologically disturbing for me. At the end of the movie, I knew that I thought it was a great movie and my wife was just staring at me. My first words to her post-movie was, "This is one we're going to have to explain, isn't it?"

Consider that it is the kind of movie that you can talk and discuss about afterwards. I will exclude any "spoilers" to it, but safe to say there are always some parts that one person in your party might not catch where another would. How can that be a bad thing?

My question to you is at what point did you have to hide your eyes? What part was too violent for you? (Of course that jumps into spoiler land...)

L. T. Host said...

You know I'm right there with you, Cindy! I have some serious issues with gore and scary stuff on tv and in movies. Books can bother me too, but it depends on the type/ volume. I like to be a little spooked every once in a while, but I don't like slasher/ horror type stuff just because it's ALL about gore and creepiness. Not my thing.

cindy said...

joe, any gross bloody stuff. like winona's scene, couldn't watch. and all that peeling and picking. augh. i didn't discuss too much about it--it was a good example of the Unreliable Narrator, i suppose. Inception provided better discussion.

again, i don't regret seeing the film. it's better than just HORROR and SLASHER to me, but not one of my favorite genres to watch.

having said that, i love "real" docudramas like The Haunting and such. ha!

lt, yay! we can cower together.

Patricia Lynne said...

I can't watch scary movies or gruesome scenes. They give me nightmares.
I can read scary books and read horrifying scenes in books. In fact, I love them, used to read them all the time when I was little. And you're right it probably is because we can control the visual images in our minds, make it less gruesome and gory.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I'm an eye hider and I yell when watching a movie at home. I don't sometimes mind a horror book but not so much in the theater. Well, hm... I guess it depends on the movie too. I think it's the slasher stuff. :P If it kills an animal in a horrible way, then I don't like it in my book and I really don't like it in the theater!

Sheree said...

I'm now so picky in my film choices that the last few movies I've seen in the theaters were all kids films ("Toy Story 3", "Tangled", etc.). I want to know the ending of a movie before I see it.

cindy said...

patricia, yes! me too!

melissa, i can't see sexual violence against women or torture of anyone and if you bring in kids or pets...augh.

sheree, i used to avoid romcoms and chick flicks but now, sometimes, it's nice fluffy escapism.