Sunday, September 11, 2011


Ten years later, and I still can't bring myself to watch/read/write/talk about 9/11.

I prefer to remember in silence.


Casey said...

I prefer to remember in silence too. I think the way that the media keeps replaying the videos over and over again only brings more pain. I'm not saying we shouldn't remember or honor those who died, but the families don't need to relive the deaths of their loved ones year after year.

Heavenly Baker said...

I agree, even though I had no one that I knew on those planes or in those builds it touches a nerve. Curious if it will be a national holiday eventually though.

I could only watch five minutes if that of CNN today and I was overwhelmed I asked my hubby to turn it I used to watch it every year, the big thing is is NOT to forget just like Pearl Harbor.di

Amy Plum said...

I don't have t.v. but can't watch any of the footage on the internet. It's too upsetting. Love the image you chose.

AA Bell said...

Mm... silence.
To hold it in.
It's the loudest word
when you're hurting.

Same Spirit as Rememerance Day,
(Veterans Day in the States)
on 11/11 each year.

Lest we forget.