Monday, November 21, 2011

Giving thanks

Just four days until Thanksgiving! I have to admit, this is my favourite American holiday. I don't tend to hold with just adopting things Americans do (you're all fabulous but we Aussies have our own way of doing things) but this is one thing that I'd love for us to adopt.

A day of giving thanks - a fabulous concept. So, with this being my quasi-American home, I'm taking over the Supernatural Underground and invite you all to post what you're thankful for this year.

Me? I'm thankful for the publication of Power Unbound and Rogue Gadda. It's still something akin to a miracle to me, to know that I've got three books out on the shelves.

I'm thankful for every reader who has contacted me to tell me how much they love the books. It's a remarkable thing, to have this connection with people you have never, and probably will never, meet. A moment where we're joined. It's makes the world a nicer, less scary place.

I'm thankful that I have a wonderful husband who understands this desire of mine to disappear into imaginary worlds and encourages me to chase my dreams.

I'm thankful for my health - this body can be fragile, and must be cared for and I need to do better on that front.

I'm thankful to live in a land of peace and prosperity - there so many places in the world where life is a struggle, and death stalks the suburban streets.

I'm thankful for my fellow Supernatural Underground authors, who are fun and fabulous and supportive and inspiration in so many ways.

I'm thankful for paranormal romance, urban fantasy and things that go bump in the night: strong, sensual, wonderful women and intriguing, interesting, hot guys and overcoming danger and righting wrongs. Ah, we really do love the best genre of all!

So tell me - what are YOU thankful for this year?

As a Thanksgiving gift to you all - I've self-published a short story called How Astrid Found Her Passion - about a woman who finds herself in another land and through that, her true calling in life. It's on sale here but type in this code and you'll get it for free - SF75U


Laura E. Goodin said...

I'm thankful for many of the same things: my family, my friends, my words, my colleagues. For good adventures, and the strength to get through bad adventures. For the superpowers of so many astoundingly talented people who enrich my life. For the selfless people who want good things for others and don't care if anybody ever notices what they do to make those things happen. For the smell of hay being eaten by a horse. For the sound of epee guards clanging in an exhilarating bout. For a new color nail polish that my kid tells me about. For travel and homecoming. For thankfulness.

Helen Lowe said...

It's important to keep remembering the glass half full, isn't it? I think my list is similar to yours overall,Nicole, although with a very earthquake-related twist for this year, in my case: not just 'being here' in and of itself, but having a house that's still standing and doing what it oughta in terms of keeping out the wind and the wild (well, mostly anyway! :) ), having the creativity and challenge of the writing life, and being part of a functioning community. And definitely having the hope of better things for next year--because even while fully appreciating the glass half full it's still nice to have some dreams to try for and stars to wish upon!

ShellyE said...

I'm thankful that I woke on this side of the flower bed this morning! And for my family, job, house, and food on the table.

Nicole Murphy said...

Thanks Laura, Helen and ShellyE - hearing other people's thanks always makes me feel better. Not sure why - think I just like to see others happy :)

Kim Falconer said...

I was just telling my mum (Arizona) and my sister (California)how I wish we could all be together for Thanksgiving, cooking up a storm in the kitchen! What I am deeply thankful for is the internet that keeps me connected to my family so far away. We send notes every day, and it's those little messages that make me feel we are current in each others lives.

All the things mentioned here, Nicole, are on my gratitude list as well, health, strength, prosperity, equality, freedom, love, animals, nature, Mother Earth . . . yes, all the authors here at SU and HC around the world!

Actually, I could fill journals full of all the things I am thankful for, beginning with sunshine and cat purrs to internal plumbing!

Thanks YOU, Nicole, for reminding me how good life is.


Barbara E. said...

I'm thankful I have a good job. This time last year I didn't have one. I'm also thankful my son moved back home after being in another state for several years. And I'm thankful I just got to take a trip to California to see my sister, her family and my best friend - and I had a blast.

Bonnie said...

Thank you for the free read.
I have way too many things to list that I'm thankful for.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Bonnie Gill

Kerrelyn Sparks said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Nicole!

Nicole Murphy said...

Thanks Kerrelyn :)

Bonnie - hope you enjoy the free read. I'm happy to hear that you've got such a massive list of thankfulness.

BarbaraE - so pleased that things have turned around for you.

Kim - glad to be a positive experience for you for a change, as opposed to you being for me :)

Jamie Alsteen said...

Well I am thankful for many Family, Freinds and miost of all my Uncle who is over fighting in Afghanistan.

I would have to say that I pick the wolves...something about them is so majestic.

Brenda Hyde said...

I'm thankful for my kids- my boys are 17 and 18, and I made it this long without my head exploding over all the teen drama. They are great guys:) I'm thankful that they prepared me for my 11 year old daughter who seems to be 16 already with her moodiness. I'm especially thanksful for my husband-that after almost 23 years we still have the hots for each other:)

I'm downloading your story now- thank you so much!

Asleep By Dawn said...

It's been a very tough year for me, so I'm thankful that I got through it and learned a lot about myself along the way. I'm thankful for my partner. Without him I don't know what I'd do or where I'd be. I'm thankful for another beautiful year with my two gorgeous kitties. I know we're readng the end of our time together, so each day is a gift. I'm grateful for a few things that worked out for the best. Of course, I'm so grateful for books, for the authors who write them, and for my imagination, which allows me to tell my own stories.