Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Join us on Twitter!

Here's a list of our authors who are on Twitter. Join the conversation!
  • Dakota Banks      @dakotabanks
  • Leah Clifford       @LeahClifford 
  • Leah Cypess        @LeahCypess
  • Merrie Destafano  @merriedestefano
  • Kim Falconer        @kimfalconer
  • Leigh Fallon         @leigh_fallon
  • Jeaniene Frost      @Jeaniene_Frost
  • Terri Garey          @terrigarey
  • Sable Grace          @sablegrace
  • Gretchen McNeil    @GretchenMcNeil
  • Nicole R. Murphy   @nicole_r_murphy
  • Tracey O'Hara       @traceyohara
  • Pamela Palmer      @Pamela_Palmer
  • Jaime Rush           @Jaimerush
  • Kerrelyn Sparks     @KerrelynSparks
  • Joss Ware             @joss_ware
  • Supernatural Underground  @superntrlUnderg


Sharon said...

can you believe I don't have a twitter account? I know, right?! My blog has one...maybe I should utilize it a little more

Cylver said...

Sharon, I can go you one better. I don't have a Twitter account, a Facebook account, or - are you sitting down? - a cell phone! Seriously. Tell me again what millennium this is??

Sharon said...

LOL, You win! my husband won't get a cell phone either .