Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Blahs? Not a Chance

Win the Mortal Path Series as Ebooks! 

The manic pace has worn off from attending ThrillerFest, the International Thriller Writers conference in New York City. Saw a lot of old friends, made some new ones, learned some crafty things, and gained new contacts! Topped it off with the Awards Banquet, at which I got to sit next to my husband Dennis (the ThrillerFest Registrar) for the first time in years. Usually I've been sitting at a sponsored table or at the ITW table, but this year I got to put my shrimp on his plate (Surf 'n Turf dinner) and steal some of his yummy sliced potatoes with mushroom sauce.

On the second day of the drive home to St. Louis (I don't fly anymore) I found out I'd brought home more than a pile of signed books and good memories - I had the flu. My germs were well traveled by the time I got home and went to bed, leaving poor Dennis with all the unpacking and laundry. What a man! Big round of applause!! I think I slept for days. Then I got bronchitis as a parting gift.

Open Road
At ThrillerFest, I had a meet and greet with my editor from Open Road Media, which is picking up my PJ Gray series (written as @ShirleyKennett) to convert to ebooks. After a brief effort to do this myself, I discovered that while I like the idea of having my backlist come out as ebooks, (surprise!) I don't care for doing the process myself. I've pulled the two books I did convert (Gray Matter, PJ Gray Book 1, and Burning Rose, a standalone) off the market; I'm letting the pros do what they do best. All ebooks should be available this year. Yoo hoo. :-)

I've been wanting to add to the furry tribe for a long while now, and feline #3 has just joined the family. A little boy kitten from the Humane Society, he was a bargain at this time of year due to the June/July bumper crop of kittens. Wish I could bring them all home, but this completes our trio. He's extremely sweet with a loud purring engine in spite of the fact that he'd been named Booger by the shelter staff. I'm so happy to have my little Strider home with me - his shelter name didn't last! Strider is the name of a favorite character in The Lord of the Rings; one of his names, anyway. Our other two cats-in-residence are still adjusting with some hissing and whatever, but no real fireworks. It took me nine shots to get this photo. Most of them were of Strider's tail on its way out of the frame, or a brick-red nose sniffing the camera lens. Cropped out of this picture to the left is my hand holding the little ball of energy down for his first official photo.

Wouldn't you love to be in the next Mortal Path book? Name a character after yourself or a friend and you could have a multi-page, "speaking" role. Enter now!

All this talk must surely lead to something to win, right? Of course!

Win All Three Ebooks!
Leave a comment below on anything that sings to you to enter to win the Mortal Path series from Harper Voyager in ebook form (Kindle, Nook, or Epub) - three books that definitely won't give you the summer blahs! The last day to enter is Friday, August 3rd. Stay cool!


Ryan Snyder said...

oh. ok. what should i comment about? I have bought the first book but I am waiting to get a hold of the rest before i start reading it. :) cannot wait. thank you for the giveaway.

Lexi H said...

That is awesome that you adopte from the humane society! I wish more people could, I always feel so bad for the animals there with no home. Love the name Strider by the way, a great LOTR character =)

bn100 said...

This sounds like a good series.


SandyG265 said...

I've had this series on my TBR list for a while.

sgiden at

Jacqui said...

I wish I had the summer blahs I have the winter ones but we have moved into an old house so now have a fire!! I am so waiting for spring. Love your new addition so cute.

ticklebear2 at yahoo dot com

Shari C said...

What a 'cutie' your new addition to your family is. I definitely would adopt from the humane society when the time comes as these darlings all deserve a good home.

Thank you for this giveaway.

ilona said...

What a sweet kitty. Love that you named him Strider as Booger didn't suit him at all :D

Thank you so much for your generous giveaway too.

felinewyvern at googlemail dot com

Sharon Stogner said...

yay! Thriller! flu... got my name in the hat for naming a character! If I have to die a bloody death, I would want it to be in one of your books ;)

AA Bell said...

Handy hint for snapping great pics of cats, kids and other fast moving objects... film them, and use your camera's frame editor, or free moviemaker on your pc, or even google chrome snapshot app to take a snapshot of the best angle from within the movie.

And good luck with your books and your new muse!