Monday, August 20, 2012

5 Hot Mini-Snippets of News for the month:

First, sorry that I'm running a little late - due to 3 near death experiences today, no thanks to a drunk driver, and my two bulls who each tried to kill me in 3 separate incidents... anyway, to business:

  1. My cat chose 8 winners to announce today (from my blog last month). She must have been feeling generous – or starving for breakfast - because I was still only half-way thru my highly technical process of eenie-meenie-mynie-mowing a winner from a list that I’d transferred to a spreadsheet, when she danced across my keyboard and deleted half the entrants. So it must be Fate… Congratulations to Sienny, Annalouise, Valerie, Bn100, Llehn, SandyG265, Mollyfrenzel and DeniseZ.  I know most of you already own autographed copies, so I’ll contact you offlist to see if you’d like signed copies for friends, or perhaps be first to get your hands on Leopard dreaming… And if you didn’t send me your email addie yet, I’ll need it now please. Or else email my personal assistant, Julie at:    needie35 AT hotmail DOT come
  2. The countdown is on for the launch of Leopard Dreaming: out 1st of October. And to celebrate the launch of this grand finale to the Diamond Eyes Trilogy, I’ll have a big batch of SIGNED COPIES of the full set of multi-award winners at Hot Discount Prices BY ADVANCE ORDER ONLY. Discount will be somewhere between 20% and 50% off, depending on numbers, so hands up if you’re interested. Don’t forget, Christmas is coming!!
  3. A new age dawns... I have an agent!!!... It only took 12 years, 12 bestsellers and 3 major award winners, but I finally found a professional who not only meets my standards, but also exceeds them!! YAYYY!!!... Timely, indeed, because...
  4.  I’m also launching my facebook page officially, so please Like me, if you do, at
  5. Tweet, tweet! I’m now a tweeterling! (Which sounds a whole lot better than twit, LOL.) Am still finding my wings, though, so I’m looking for experienced twitterererers to follow – and if you love wise words of wisdom, then you might like to follow me too:

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