Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This Is Not A Promo

For months, I've persuaded, cajoled, teased, and bribed you to give my new series a try.  This month, I'm taking a vacation.  I'm officially between projects as I wait for copy edits on DEAD MAN'S DEAL and scheme for the future.  I'm enjoying this down time.  I'm currently playing with a new story that is different from everything I've published so far.  I'm trying to catch up on some reading and I'm playing a video game.  All in all, things have finally gotten quiet in the Drake household.

As it is November, I am once again attempting to participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  Since I'm usually balancing several projects at the same time, it typically doesn't go well for me.  But NaNoWriMo is great for motivation and camaraderie as you work to hit 50,000 words.

If you're a lover of romance, Avon is also hosting its own NaRoWriMo.  For more details, please click here.  It looks pretty tempting to me.  Do you have a romance story rattling around in your head that would make a good book?  Now is a good time to start on that.

So while I dispose of the last of the Halloween candy and work on secret things, I leave you to your own devices.

Don't burn down the house.
Don't run with sharp objects.
Don't tease your brother.
And if you decide you need something new to read, you won't hurt my feelings if you try a book about a certain tattoo artist with a gift for finding trouble. (*cough* Angel's Ink *cough*)

Happy Reading!


Sharon Stogner said...

enjoy your time off! What game are you playing? everyone should read Angel's Ink. It is an urban fantasy delight! Can't wait to visit Low Town again.

Christina said...

Enjoy your vacation. I am in the middle of Angel's Ink and loving it!!

-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...

Not smart, girl. Not smart at all. First of all, you shall die, as we all will; second, the demon shall trick you into following him. All will be over for you. My suggestion for resurrection? Turn-around, follow the Sound. I don't wanna lose even you, miss gorgeous. Yet, I fear for your indelible soul precisely because you trumpet your work like it's no bigga deal... even though it'll have far-reaching effects on your eternity. Thank God for the Warning which you'll find in mosta our pages. I love you, girly, and I so badly wanna cuddle with you for eternity. Yet, how can I do that if we aren't in the same realm? Ketch'n our subliminal drift, dude? Meet me Upstairs. God bless you.