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Blood and Water - Vampires Gone Wild

Hi Everyone! To celebrate the upcoming release of Supernatural Underground - Vampires Gone Wild, I'm introducing you to my contribution, Blood and Water, set in San Francisco 1906, days before the great earthquake . . . Read reviews of all four novellas at Unwrapping Romance.

Winners are
Chelsea B, Mary Kirkland, Bonnie and Barbara E. Copies will be sent to you February 12. Thanks everyone for jumping in!  

 Bonnie, I can't find your email to send you VGW. Email me please :)

We're giving away four copies (on the release date, February 12, 2013) so pop a note in the comments to be in the draw. Meanwhile, here is an excerpt to get you started. Enjoy!

Blood and Water

6:12 p.m. Sunday, April 15, 1906

Stellan shot toward the ferry, his naked body gliding through the water just under the waves. He swam over sharks and knobble-backed sturgeons, while above, the setting sun turned everything to gold. Brilliant clouds were mirrored on the glassy surface. Beautiful … but worrisome. There would be dozens of passengers on the observation deck tonight. Dozens of deaths.

The more the merrier, Salila said, her voice rippling through his mind. She wasn’t too far behind him.
He swam harder. The ferry was heading southwest and coming up on Goat Island, a rock in the middle of the bay. 

Listen to me, Salila. You don’t have to do this!
Oh, but I do!
The paddle wheel cut through the swell. It rose over the hum of the steam engine and the distant siren sounds of whales traveling slowly up the coast. Stellan was tempted to break the surface when he reached the Bay City ferry, but the sun, and better judgment, kept him beneath the waves. He dove, skimmed the hull, and came up on the port side, sticking to the shadows. In a leap, Stellan grabbed the lifesaver netting and climbed until he could see the main deck.

People were chatting in small groups, gazing at the horizon, taking in the last rays of the sun. Stellan counted them, sweeping his eye across the deck, up to the wheelhouse, and down the other side before stopping short. The fine hairs on the back of his neck stood on end.

A woman walked toward the starboard railing, her breathtaking figure radiant in the light. The wind danced in her floor-length skirt, revealing the outline of long, slender legs. Fine lace pulled tight across her lower back, accentuating the curve from hips to breasts. Stellan felt a pounding in his chest. Impossible, he thought. Everything else was falling away, his vision a vignette with only the center, only her, in bright clarity. She was like living fire, or was that the sunset? Magnificent! What are you playing with, my lady? She seemed inordinately preoccupied with a small wooden box mounted on stilts. He watched, fascinated. Ah, a camera …

Isn’t she lovely? Salila cut into his mind.

He growled deep and twisted around, his dark hair trailing over his shoulders and down his broad back as he tried to spot the Mar woman in the water. This has to stop!

That’s not what Teern says. She surfaced and disappeared again. Taunting.

Stellan’s eyes went back to the deck. The object of his attention was sliding a glass plate into the camera. Quickly, she ducked under a black hood, and the whole thing flashed like a shooting star. A photographer! The thought would have made him smile if he weren’t so busy working out how to save her life.

The sun dropped into the sea, and the belated fog began to rise. A Mar fog. It was Salila’s shroud against detection. Stellan tore his eyes away from the woman long enough to dive back in and swim to the prow. The ferry chugged on, but the sound of the whales vanished. They tended toward silence when the Mar were hunting. The waves beat against his back as he clung directly underneath the main deck. He couldn’t see her anymore, but he could hear.

“There’s enough light for one more shot.”

She’s optimistic.

“Put your cape on and come inside, Miss Ralston! It’s gone quite cold and will be pitch-dark before we dock. You’ll catch your death …”

He hoped she would heed the warning. It would be the death of all those left chatting under the stars if Salila and the others had their way.

“Angelina Ralston!” The well-dressed matron beside her continued. “You’re not listening.”

Angelina … Stellan licked salt water off his lips. An angel … Her hair was auburn red and reminded him of autumn trees along the Atlantic Coast. Her eyes were dark like Egyptian onyx, and her lips full, inviting. She wore a long-sleeved ivory dress with pearl buttons that ran from her slender waist, between her round breasts to her high, lace collar. On her head was a matching hat, cocked up on one side. Stellan’s throat went completely dry when she spoke.

“Mrs. Blackwell, I am comforted by your concern.” She donned a forest green cape that hung to her black leather boots. “I assure you, though, I’m not the slightest bit cold.” She lowered her sweet voice. “The sea is mesmerizing, and the vista like warm embers. Look how the pale evening light dances across the rising mist. It’s so beautiful. If only I had a camera that could make sense of these subtleties … this other world.”

“Very poetic, I’m sure …” Mrs. Blackwell huffed.

“Ah, but light is poetry,” Angelina said to herself. Then louder, over the chatter of the other passengers, “There’s too much to experience on deck, Mrs. Blackwell. I can’t bear to walk away from the sensations.”

“Miss Ralston! Now I must insist you retreat to the safety of the cabin. Your father wouldn’t have you lingering in ‘sensations’ of any kind, I am sure.”

“Fortunately, Father is not here,” Angelina whispered . . .

 * * * 
More about Vampires Gone Wild: Kerrelyn Sparks's demure Pamela and sexy vampire sidekick battle the Malcontents in "V is for Vampwoman." Kim Falconer's aqueous San Francisco vampires in "Blood and Water" want nothing from "landers" -- unless it's dinner, but that's until Stellan meets Angelina. Pamela Palmer carries readers to Vamp City in "A Forever Love" where trapped Lukas pines for his lost love. When she appears, Lukas will fight to keep her alive. It's been a hundred years since Valiance has dated; all is great until they're attacked, but quiet Esme will shock Valiance in Amanda Arista's "First Dates Are from Hell."

Watch this blog for highlight from all the Vamps Gone Wild authors!

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Kim Falconer is a Supernatural Underground author writing paranormal romance, urban fantasy, YA and epic science fantasy novels.

You can find out more about Kim at kimfalconer.com or on The 11th House Blog. She posts here at the SuperntrlUnderg on the 16th of every month. Watch for her next release, out February 12, 2013. Supernatural Underground: Vampires Gone Wild.


Barbara E. said...

I loved the excerpt and I must say, Vampires Gone Wild sounds like a wonderful anthology. I can't wait to read it. :D

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Mary Kirkland said...

I am soo looking forward to reading this.


Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Yep, I do wanna read!

Amy Valentini said...

VAMPIRES GONE WILD is an awesome collection - not a bad one in the bunch. Kim is new to me but now I'm hooked. Such an intriguing vamp story that now I need more. : )

June M. said...

I can't wait to read this....Probably the first I jump to will be Kerrelyn's story, Love her series :)

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Jacque said...

Would LOVE to read this! :)

bn100 said...

Nice excerpt.


jmcgaugh said...

Great excerpt, and I always love Kerrelyn Sparks,too!
jmcgaugh (at) semo (dot) edu

SandyG265 said...

Sounds like it'll be a good book

Bonnie said...

Ooo .... I'm looking forward to this one. I loved the teaser.

donnas said...

Cant wait. Thanks for sharing!!

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Chelsea B. said...

Oh my gosh I'm so excited for this!


Amy Valentini said...

BTW - Thanks for the shout-out to my review for V IS FOR VAMPWOMAN. I've got reviews for all four novellas posted now, if anyone is interested. Love, Love, Love this anthology!! Kim's story is soooo awesome. I'm now a fan! : )

Kim Falconer said...

Thanks everyone for your posts. I am putting all your names in a had and getting my friend to draw them. Stand by for the announcement.

And Amy, the reviews of all four novellas are fabulous - I haven't read the others yet so they really got me excited. (I'm reading the anthology over Valentines Day :) Glad you like the world of Mar! Plenty more where that came from. Hopefully an announcement is not too far off!

Cheers again, everyone!


Kim Falconer said...

Winner are drawn!

Mary Kirkland
Barbara E

Thank you again for all your enthusiasm. There's a link now at the top of the post to reviews for each story. They really give a good feel for what's ahead.


Barbara E. said...

Thanks so much! Can't wait to read Vampires Gone Wild.

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Thank you Kim. I can't wait!

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Bonnie, I'm sending the winners their copies of Vampires Gone Wild. Can you shoot me your email address so I can send yours too?