Thursday, February 14, 2013

Supernatural Soul Mates

Today is a magical day. 
[posted at midnight on 13th Feb 2013]

It's Valentine's Eve... that special time of year when Hope & Appreciation for Love burns hardest and brightest in our hearts. It's time for us to pause and consider love in all its forms, not just for our soul mates, if we're lucky enough to have found them yet, but also for our dearest friends who fill our hearts and lives in ways that only *they* can.

You know who I mean...

For me, it's my husband, who is many thousands of miles away for the whole week on business, and yet still manages to be with me in spirit and make me feel special, even when I don't really deserve it.

It's also the day I pause to share a thought and a hug for my friends whose soul mates have already crossed the final threshold and are waiting for them on the other side. My heart aches for them.

But it's also the day when not even death or distance can keep us from feeling the most powerful emotion of all for our loved ones.

And it's the day I love to raise a glass to all those strive towards keeping love alive, against all odds.
They're the real heroes and heroines.

Please feel welcome to share in my toast;

To Lovers who've felt the Sting of Love and 
still Strive to Nurture it every day!

-by AA Bell, author of the multi-Award Winning Diamond Eyes Trilogy #SheSeesThruTime

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Helen Lowe said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Anita--and to all the Supernatural Underground authors and followers :)

AA Bell said...

Thanks Helen!

And to you too!