Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Take a break! Who, me?

We're writing this month about things we use or need to free the creative writing spirit. For me, that's taking a break from one type of writing and switching to another. Doesn't seem like that would work - it's still writing - but it's refreshing to work with different concepts, different time periods, and different word choices.

Lately I've been focusing on stretching my writer's wings with Young Adult and Middle Grade books. It's such a different mindset, yet the core of it is the same as writing for adults: tell the absolute best story you can in the absolute best way you can. The quality of available YA and MG books out there is awesome! It's a challenge to write for these ages after years of writing for adults (as Dakota Banks and Shirley Kennett), and that's what's so exciting about it. :-) A new frontier.

As a writer, I get a special kick out of knowing that I'm doing something to enhance literacy and spread the love of reading to young people. After all, I'm helping to develop the reading audience of the future for my urban fantasies, and for the books of all the other Supernatural Underground authors!

Honor's JourneyMy YA sci-fi trilogy is with my agent, awaiting placement with a publisher. Catch that note of confidence? Think only positive thoughts!! (

In the meantime, I just published a Middle Grade adventure, Honor's Journey, (, and I'm giving away FREE review copies. Just follow the link to request yours, free for Kindle, Nook, PDF, or trade paperback format! I'm proofing the print version now. It'll be hot off the presses in about a week. I'm eager for feedback on this book. Really. Eager.

And I haven't forgotten about the fourth book in the Mortal Path series - I've been contacted by so many wonderful fans wanting to know when it will come out! Thanks for your interest, everybody. My crystal ball says early next year for Mortal Path Book 4, Bloodletting.

Everyone out there, writer or not: what do you do to recharge your batteries? Music? Vacation? Read? Dance naked on the bar? <g> Please share in a comment below.

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Kim Falconer said...

Honor's Journey looks amazing. I'm going to put it on my tbr list right now!

My #1 go to technique to recharge my batteries is TM. Transcendental Meditation. I've been doing it for over forty years . . . such a beautiful part of my life.

Great to heart all the happenings!

:) Kim