Friday, March 21, 2014

A flying visit

Just dropping in to say hi - 'Hi!' *waves* and to share some news.

I'm in the middle of organising a progressional development day for writers and the Aurealis Awards ceremony. The Aurealis Awards are Australia's premier speculative fiction awards. So I'm kinda busy.

I've also got book deadlines up the wazoo. Between now and May next year, I've got four books coming out. The first is 'Release', a collection of paranormal erotic novellas. It was a very different thing to write, and lots of fun.

Then there's a science fiction romance trilogy - The Jorda Trilogy (Jorda is the planet it's set on). The first book is called Loving The Prince. It's a story I've been trying to get right for 30 years and finally, I've done it. And the publisher loved it enough to want two more!

Finally, HarperCollins Australia is relaunching the Dream of Asarlia trilogy as an electronic omnibus! The new version, with a new great price, goes on sale and April and here's the cover:

That's all I've got time for this month -  hopefully next month I can stop by for a proper chat with you all.

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Kim Falconer said...

Nicole! I love the new cover for the trilogy! Fabulous.

Big congratulations on all your rocket launching!