Monday, April 21, 2014

Never fear - the whole trilogy is here! (+giveaway)

Hate waiting for the next book in a trilogy?
Hate finding the second or third book and being scared to read it in case it doesn't make sense, but it's hard to find the others?
Hate starting a trilogy with the fear it won't be finished?

You can't hate the Dream of Asarlai trilogy for these reasons now! There's a new omnibus version available (electronic form only). You can get all three books in one, and the price is fabulous. Around 350,000 words of action, adventure, magic and romance, for less than $10. And that's Australian - probably even less in other currencies. (Except New Zealand - probably more for you. Sorry NZ).

Here's the blurb:

An exciting Urban Fantasy trilogy full of intrigue, action and a hint of romance. For centuries, the gadda have worked to keep their identity secret from the rapidly expanding human race. All this is now at risk - the most terrible of gadda teachings, the Forbidden Texts, have been stolen and the race is on to find them. Asarlai believes the gadda should rule the world, and she will risk everything, and everyone, to achieve her ambition. As the body-count mounts, Asarlai finds a powerful ally and the pressure builds to stop her and retrieve the Forbidden Texts before she can change the world forever. Join Maggie Shaunessy, Ione Gorton and Hampton Rouke on their quests to save what is dear to them ... and the world as they know it. Praise for Nicole Murphy: 'engaging' DAILY TELEGRAPH 'compelling' KIWI REVIEWS 'fresh and interesting approach to an urban fantasy series' Bookseller+Publisher 'a rollicking romp through the space where romance and fantasy collide' The Courier-Mail

Purchase from iTunes, Amazon and Kobo.

For you - an excerpt from the first book, Secret Ones.

His eyes focussed on a young woman who stood in the middle of a group of older men. Glorious golden hair was twisted up around her head. Her halter-neck black jersey dress, its hem just sweeping the tops of her feet, enhanced the rich curves of her body. Jackpot, he thought.

She turned and their gazes caught. She walked over, moving gracefully even though he was watching so closely.

‘Dr Valeroso.’ Her smile was as sunny as it had been that afternoon, although it lacked the heat he’d liked. ‘I’m pleased to see you survived the encounter with the grove’s protector.’

He bowed his head. ‘Thank you for saving me.’

‘I’m sure you’re quite capable of saving yourself.’

‘But always nice to have someone else make the effort, don’t you think?’

‘Sometimes, you have no choice.’ A shadow passed over her face and Lucas wondered what bad memory he’d just dredged up.

She shook her head and the smile resumed. ‘I hope you’ve managed to settle in.’

‘To my accommodation, yes. I haven’t seen my laboratory yet, but I’m looking forward to it.’ He didn’t like how businessy this conversation was.

‘If there’s anything you need, let me know. I’m working as the chancellor’s PA at the moment.’

He wondered if there was a reason O’Hara had hired his granddaughter to work for him. ‘At the moment? Isn’t what you normally do?’

‘No.’ Another shadow. ‘I’m just helping him out until the school year begins. I teach primary school. I think in the states that’s elementary school.’

‘Then you’re a fellow educator.’ Lucas was desperate to find a connection. He’d been so sure there was something between them during their first meeting.

‘Except you’re abandoning the chalkboard.’ The lightness that had entered her tone gave him hope.

‘Not by choice, I assure you. I’m allergic, you see.’

‘What, to students or the chalk?’

‘Um, both?’

She laughed, a thrilling sound that played over his body like music.

‘Actually, I think it’s the marking I’m allergic to,' Lucas continued.

‘How can it be? That’s my favourite part — hours bent over a desk, red pen in hand, wondering just how to tell someone they got it wrong without ruining their fragile self-esteem.’

‘Are we supposed to worry about their self-esteem?’

She laughed again. ‘Lucas Valeroso, that’s just too bad.’

‘Really? I’m trying very hard to be good.’

‘Oh, I’m sure you are.’

And there it was, that attraction that had so instantly drawn him. When her eyes sparkled like that, Lucas felt as though anything were possible. ‘Perhaps you can help me with that, Ms Shaunessy.’

‘Please, call me Maggie.’ She held her hand out. He reached for it, expecting to feel a thrill at the first touch of skin on skin. The shaft of energy that ran up Lucas’s arm surprised him with its intensity.

He knew she felt it too, because her eyes went so dark his stomach dropped into his shoes with arousal. Then she released him, and he fought back the disappointment. ‘We’re thrilled you decided to come here, Dr Valeroso.’

The ice in her voice threw him. What had he done to piss her off? ‘I’m not sure I had much of a choice. I think Chancellor O’Hara decided I was coming here, and that was it.’

‘Once he sets his mind on something, it does tend to happen,’ she said. ‘I need to keep circulating.’ She looked at him, and he fancied she was trying to read his mind. Then, with a nod, she walked away.

Damn, damn and double damn, Lucas thought. He’d really stuffed that up, somehow. Then he remembered the shock he’d received when he shook that aeroplane guy’s hand — a shock exactly like he’d just felt with Maggie. And Flaherty was involved with the O’Haras somehow. Something strange was going on around here. Good. He quite liked a good mystery, especially when the heroine was smart and gorgeous.


Don't we all, Lucas, don't we all :)

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