Sunday, March 1, 2015

The "Immortalization In Fiction" Contest -- We Have A Result! Plus More Getting Fictional!

Victory Beach from "Bird of Passage"
w00t! Over the past two months I've featured a short story, Bird of Passage -- together with an opportunity for commenters to see their name immortalized in fiction.

That is, the winner's name will be used for a character in a future short story to be featured here on the Supernatural Underground during 2015 --because this, as discussed on my own blog today, is my Year Of Living Fictionally!

Because we experienced technical difficulties (for a while, they're all fixed now) with comments here on the Supernatural Underground, last month I also allowed eligible comments to be left on the link post on my own blog. But now, drawing on comments left here, on my January and February posts, as well as on the link post, today we have a result (drawn randomly via

Drum Roll! The commenter whose name will be awarded to a fictional character in a short story featured here (or on my own blog if preferred) is:

Pegasus 358 / Beth

Congratulations, Beth. I am looking forward to seeing your name in print!

(I should have your email via your comment, but if not, email me on contact[at]helenlowe[dot]info to discuss "where to from here.")


More On Getting Fictional

Although the number of comments suggest a certain degree of shyness regarding living fictionally yourselves :-), I've  been really pleased to see how many of you have taken the time to read Bird of Passage over the past two months.

You might also enjoy:

Cold Cass (flash fiction)

The Spit (realism)

The Brother King (legendary history)

Red Earth (eco-SF/future dystopia)

And for those who're fans of the Wall Of Night series, I posted a wee snippet from the edited manuscript last Thursday:

Another Sneak Preview For “Daughter Of Blood, The Wall Of Night Book Three”


Supernatural Underground regular, Helen Lowe, is a novelist, poet and interviewer whose work has been published, broadcast and anthologized in internationally. Her first novel, Thornspell, was published to critical praise in 2008, and her second, The Heir of Night (The Wall Of Night Series, Book One) won the Gemmell Morningstar Award 2012. The sequel, The Gathering Of The Lost, was shortlisted for the Gemmell Legend Award in 2013. Helen posts regularly on her Helen Lowe on Anything, Really blog, occasionally on SF Signal, and is also active on Twitter: @helenl0we



Kim Falconer said...

Congratulations, Beth!

Helen, I can't wait to see what you do with her character. Any idea when that story will go live?

And thank you for the sneak preview of "Daughter of Blood". I love being pulled back into Malian's story again!

When's the release date?

Helen Lowe said...

Hi Kim,

I imagine it'll be another couple of months for this one. :)

And even longer for Daughter of Blood, alas: it won't be out until January 2016! :-/

Still, I'll be beavering on WALl4 (tentatively titled "The Chaos Gate") in the meantime .