Saturday, September 10, 2016

Writers Helping Writers

I'm very fortunate to be in a great writing group, but I know it's not always easy to find someone to help you. Sometimes you need assistance with a query letter or a synopsis or the opening pages of your manuscript. So my writing group and I want to help.


On September 20, we're going to be accepting pitches. We'll each select one pitch and work with that person to get their first 5 pages or synopsis or query letter ready to send out to agents and editors.


Merrie Destefano: I write for the General Market, YA, Adult, SciFi, Fantasy, Contemporary, Gothic Romance
What I’m looking for: General market, YA or adult, SciFi, Fantasy, Contemporary, or Literary, Mystery.
What I’m NOT looking for: Romance, Dark Horror, Non-Fiction

Rachel Marks: I write for the YA market, urban and high fantasy.
What I’m looking for: Anything YA, Fantasy, Light Horror, Romance. A mystery element is a plus.
What I’m NOT looking for: Non-fiction, Straight Horror

Mike Duran: I write in the General Market and CBA, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Horror
What I’m looking for: Adult Urban Fantasy, Horror, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal
What I’m NOT looking for: Romance

Rebecca Luella Miller: I write in the General Market
What I’m looking for: Any Genre, Any Market, Any Age
Accepting the first 5 pages only, not a synopsis or a query letter.

Paul Regnier: I write in the CBA market, SciFi, Fantasy
What I’m looking for: Speculative Fiction, SciFi, Paranormal
What I’m NOT looking for: Romance, Horror


We’re going to be hosting a Facebook event on Sept. 20, where writers can pitch their ideas to us. Here’s a link to the event, which already has some discussion going on: FACEBOOK EVENT.

FIGHT CLUB meets BLACK SWAN in LOST GIRLS: 17-year-old girl rediscovers her dark identity in a dangerous rave-like club where teens fight to near death. YA, General Market, Dark Contemporary #WHW16

More details will be posted on the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE as the event draws nearer.



Sarah Shere said...

Are we allowed to give multiple pitches?

Merrie Destefano said...

Hi, Sarah! I know the event is over and you already submitted several amazing pitches, but yes! Multiple pitches were allowed!