Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year, Supernatural Undergrounders

Pohutakawa, the NZ 'Christmas tree'
A major trope of epic fantasy (which is what I'm currently writing with the Wall of Night series) is the "road trip": aka "a farm boy (or gal) goes on a journey" during the course of which they will likely encounter lovable animal (or robot, or supernatural) companions and acquire sidekicks (the "band of brothers" -- or sisters!)

The road trip is also a major feature of the Christmas - New Year period in real life -- and part of the Fantastic Road Trip is that one should visit previously unknown terrain and climes.

So I thought I'd marry the real and the fantastic traditions for you today with some a few photos from my Christmas-New Year road trip -- which I suspect will be new terrain for many, even those who have seen the Lord of the Rings films.

The clime is certainly different, since Christmas / New Year falls in summer here, although if the terrain is sufficiently elevated, snow may still be seen.

Now for those pictures:

The magical Lake Rotoiti in Nelson Lakes National Park

The awesome power of the Huka Falls, near Lake Taupo:

A vista toward Lake Taupo, the source of the Huka Falls:
Not my car, alas!

Here be snow, still: Mt Ruapehu in Tongariro National Park:

I think if there is one message I take from these photos it's that nature generally and national parks in particular rock -- something to be both celebrated and cherished in 2017 and beyond.


Helen Lowe is a novelist, poet, interviewer and blogger whose first novel, Thornspell (Knopf), was published to critical praise in 2008. Her second, The Heir of Night (The Wall Of Night Series, Book One) won the Gemmell Morningstar Award 2012. The sequel, The Gathering Of The Lost, was shortlisted for the Gemmell Legend Award in 2013. Daughter Of Blood, (The Wall Of Night, Book Three) was published this year.
Helen posts regularly on her “…on Anything, Really” blog and is also on Twitter: @helenl0we


Kim Falconer said...

What a fantastic trip! The scenery is gorgeous,and I can just imagine the fun you've had.

Plus, days away from the computer have to be good for the soul.

What a wonderful way to start the New Year!

Are you back to writing now?

Helen Lowe said...

Hey Kim, I have just arrived home after 16 days 'on the road' so unpacking and 'chilling' is high on the immediate agenda. But the slightly more medium term future definitely sees a return to writing as 'top priority.' Something I'll be posting about on the home blog very soon.

What about you? Are you still holidaying or diving into the new year of writing?