Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Year of Genesis: The Birth of a Paranormal

I published my first book in June of 2011, which means that I’ve been blogging on Supernatural Underground since July of 2011. That seems like FOREVER of sharing my content and my writing process and my thoughts with you all.

And now I am starting over. New Series. New characters. Same world. Three New books. Three old books. All 2020!

So this year, I thought I would focus on this new series creation. Not just as blatant promotion, but as a journey of how books get developed and made and editing and covered and everything. Where the characters come from, where the world comes from, all the stars that have to align to get a story out into the universe.

So we are going to call this the Year of Genesis: How a book comes into being.

So lets start with where the seed of THE TRUTH ABOUT NIGHT came from.

My first series, Diaries of an Urban Panther (which will be re-leased this year) was about a very shy women who became very powerful very quickly. By book three, Violet Jordan is the most kick-ass panther that Dallas has ever seen. There wasn’t a wanderer that I could throw at her to fight anymore.

Now, I love the Those Who Wander universe, and I knew I wanted to stay and play in that world. I knew there were more magical stories to tell.

And naturally as my stories do, a question formed. What if there was a Wanderer who only had one itty-bitty, tiny power in a world of monsters and panthers. I loved the notion of the one power. It was very reminiscent of Piers Anthony’s Xanth series where everyone is born with one power. Some big. Some small. But one each unique to each person.
I wanted to play with that notion. What if there was a girl who had some small little talent, and it wasn’t her magic that made her as powerful as Prima, it was her person. It wasn’t what she was, it was who she was.

And what if I pitted her against a demon, something that was as powerful as it was hungry. I knew I wanted to play with demons in this one. I wanted something big and dark and dangerous. I’d alluded to them in Diaries, but now I wanted to play with the nature of a demon.

Merci Lanard was born, fully formed and demanded a story of her own. Which I can proudly present to you on January 21!

If you have an topics that you can think of, please feel free to let me know! I will be back at my normal date next month!

Until next time, Happy 2020.


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