Friday, August 19, 2011

Vampires, Faeries, Immortals and "more"...

In the Supernatural Underground there's a dungeon for everyone.

The Diamond Eyes trilogy falls into the cell for "more..." characters with supernatural gifts - humans who are cursed by the beastly gene that (in real life) is dormant in almost half the world population.

Science fantasy: Mira Chambers can see the past, and is being manipulated by a sociopath who can hear the future...

And here’s the first glimpse of all three covers together! YAYYY!

You saw it here first! We’re still tweaking the cover for Leopard Dreaming while the manuscript is still in editing stages – but in the meantime:

I’m excited to report:
* The giveaway for Hindsight attracted over 2100 entries!
* The giveaway for Diamond Eyes is in the top 12 most requested books over at Goodreads, with entries approaching 3000!

Since winning the prestigious Hemming Award for Excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy Themes, the book trailers and original theme song have achieved over 215,000 views on youtube!!

And to top off a perfect month, I was lucky to spend 3 days in a workshop with Geoffrey Rush and 300 other movers and shakers in the Australian film industry… but as my luck would have it, I was struck dumb - literally - by a dreadful rare allergy to a certain brand of cigarette smoke that I walked past in the street that weekend, and then I couldn’t utter a single word all week!! ARGHHH!!!
The luck faerie certainly has it in for me this year!
So until next month, I'm off to hunt a certain faerie... *evil laugh*


Bonnie said...

Your books look so interesting. I'm definately going to put them on my TBR list and look for them in the book store this weekend.
I love the covers!

Kim Falconer said...

Anita! OMG I love YOUR covers! Who is the artist?

Congratulations on the super success of this series!!!!

Sharon said...

Wow, congrats on your success so far!! Those covers are beautiful too. It's gonna be a good month Tater!

AA Bell said...

Thanks gang... Darren Holt is the illustrator.

He's on staff at HarperCollins Voyager, very talented obviously... really nailed all the themes, and I'm soooo glad he's been able to do all three!!