Thursday, August 11, 2011

Viva Las Mermaids!

Today I'm headed down to fabulous Las Vegas (after spending the last three weeks of July in Sin City before finally making the move to Seattle) for a heavy dose of mermaid extravaganza.

First up will be the Mermaid Ball, a fabulous multi-author, multi-mermaid event at the Barnes & Noble on North Rainbow at 7:00pm tonight. In addition to mermaid-friendly authors, there will be actual mermaids in attendance. Sounds like a party to me.

Then on Friday, the first annual MerCon will take place at the Silverton Hotel and Casino. There will be a big mermaid pageant from 2:00-4:00pm, followed by an author panel.

I'm hoping to see some of my favorite mermaids while I'm there.




Who is your favorite mermaid?



Rain Maiden said...

Ariel, I still cry when I watch the Little Mermaid movie...I know sad.

Sharon said...

what a cool event!!! My 10 year old daughter informed me she is a big mermaid fan now. I plan on buying her your mermaid series :) She even bought a mermaid tale you wear over your bathing suit to swim in.

My favorite mermaid....Ariel I think. I did like those kick ass mermaids in the last Pirates movie though ;)

Cherry said...

For me, I rather Madison because she is my frist favorite when I was young girl I alwayz watch it now I missed it to watch again I hope to own the dvd soon! Thanks again and I loves your books