Friday, February 3, 2012

It's more than just pollen in the air.

I've been extra aware of relationships of late. Could be the season. Could be that I'm just about to hit seven years with the hubby. Could be that I'm still working out the kinks in my heroine and hero's romantic journey. Either way, I've got it on the brain.

In books and movies, I like a low slow burn to my romance. Lots of longing glances, touches that stay with them. Its probably why I love BBC dramas. I'm all about the wait. And when there are sparks, everything combusts into one brilliant flash of just WOW. But what comes after that? Besides breakfast, if you're lucky.

In the Diaries series, I've got Violet and Chaz in a pretty committed relationship and I have to admit that I was beginning to see why some people believe that marriage kills romance. Instead of longing glances, they are glaring. Instead of touching him, she's usually doing his laundry.

Sounding familiar to anyone?

I had a bit of an epiphany as the hubby and I were playing with foam swords in the back yard (research for the new book- my life is weird). After the steamy WOW, when you embrace the commitment, you are freer and more exposed than ever before. And I’m not talking about walking around naked in your living room kind of free or exposed. I’m talking about the soul-lifting, laughter-inducing freedom that comes with binding yourself to another person because you don't have to carry around the facades anymore. You can be the silly, Chuck Taylor wearing, graphic novel girl who writes stories all night long without fear, because you've seen that he is a Coast-to-Coast listening philosopher with a weaknesses for puppy dogs.

I know, its a bit mushy. But as I looked at Vi and Chaz's relationship, they don't have any more masks to hide behind. Its just them. All they have are their naked insecurities, all exposed and trusting that the other person won't point and laugh.

That's even more dangerous than playing with fire.


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Amy Valentini said...

Amanda, that is brilliant! I've been reading articles lately about how to make a marriage last and what's the first sign of an impending divorce and now I'm thinking they have it all wrong. I've been married for over 11 years and sometimes I wonder what is keeping it together, as I'm sure many married people do, but after reading this post, I now know.
It is the familiarity! The knowing every nasty little trait and annoying action but it's also the fact that we know what makes each other laugh. It's the shared looks when someone outside the couple says or does something that only we know what is funny or annoying about it. It's the times when things seem boring and suddenly, he does something sweet or funny and I squeeze his hand. It's when he grabs me for no reason, kisses me and then tickles me till I scream!
It's as you remarked - it's when the masks come off that the real love starts. : )

Helen Lowe said...

I'm with you Amanda--I think 'the wait' is a great deal of the fun in the story. But writing a compelling couple beyond or behind the masks is a challenge that should make for a great read!