Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Things to Do on a Gemini New Moon

Ex Libris by Michael Parkes
The New Moon is in Gemini this month, a time to light up the mind, communicate, learn and circulate ideas! One of the best ways to do this, of course, is read, read read! And write!

Gemini is a symbol central to connecting via the written or spoken word —in Gemini we ask, "What is this like? What does this mean? Where can I learn more?"

The answers will be different for all of us, but honoring our thoughts, curiosity and ideas is a way to begin.

The energy of each new moon carries us up until the full. Gemini New Moon begins:

NEW MOON in GEMINI June 16/17th

LA – Tuesday – 7:06 am
NY – Tuesday – 10:06 am
LON – Tuesday – 3:06 pm
SYD – Wednesday – 00:06

Things to do on the Gemini New Moon




Start a blog

Join Goodreads 

Start a book club

Read a new genre

Write a letter to a friend

Start a Pray Rain Journal

Write an email to a friend 

Play with manifesting magic

Research, study, contemplate

Contact a sibling and clear the air

Have a dinner party and play word games

Multitask, communicate, enjoy the complexity of you mind

More Tips for the New Moon: 

Set an intention (state what you want aloud or write it down) on the new moon. Your desires have more power than at any other time. Sign by sign suggestions here.

Gemini Reminds us that Thoughts are Things – Tune in to what you are thinking! 

Have a wonderful New Moon, everyone!

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