Thursday, August 20, 2015

Introducing Stina Leicht: A Very Warm Welcome To The Supernatural Underground, Stina!

Welcome, Stina Leicht
I am thrilled to welcome Stina Leicht* as a new member of our fabulous Supernatural Underground community today.

Stina will be posting with us on the 26th of every month – so do bookmark that date right now, especially since I heard a whisper she may be doing an inaugural giveaway!

Right now, however, I am honored to have the opportunity to introduce her to you all today so without further ado...

Stina Leicht is one of the exciting new names of contemporary Fantasy, with her debut novel, Of Blood And Honey (The Fey And The Fallen series), being published in 2011 and receiving widespread acclaim from the Fantasy community. Stina is also a two-time Campbell Award nominee for Best New Writer and a Crawford Award finalist. 

The first novel in her new Flintlock Epic Fantasy series, Cold Iron, debuted this July with Simon and Schuster’s Saga imprint.

Now here's a little of what what Stina has to add about herself ;-) :

"When she was small she wanted to grow up to be like Vincent Price. Unfortunately, there are no basements in Texas – thus, making it difficult to wall up anyone alive under the house. Alas, she’ll have to resign herself to going quietly mad while wearing a smoking jacket. Too bad Texas is hot, she doesn’t smoke and therefore, doesn’t own a smoking jacket."

So now you know that Stina hails from Texas, among other things! :) To find out more, you can visit her here: 

Stina Leicht

I hope you will join with me and the other Supernatural Underground authors in welcoming community Stina to our ranks and do visit again on the 26th to say "hi" to Stina in person. (And check out that giveaway!)

In the meantime, here a link to a review of Cold Iron, just to whet your interest:

NPR Books: Cold Iron Asks: What If Tolkien had Been American?

*Stina tells me "Leicht" is pronounced "Lite."


Kim Falconer said...

Welcome Stina! Great to have you at the Sup.

Terri Garey said...

Welcome, Stina! COLD IRON looks fascinating - what a novel premise! I've been on a fantasy reading binge lately, and have just added it to my list!

Stina Leicht said...

Thanks for the invitation, y'all! It means a lot.