Sunday, August 16, 2015

New Moon and Books of Bast

The Lion Returns by Michael Parkes
Hi Everyone,

The Leo New Moon is upon us!

Time to celebrate heartfelt feelings, creative expression, individuality, artistry and performance, play, fun, romance and kids!

NOTE: This new moon is in a 'critical degree' meaning you can expect things to 'come to a critical point' over the next few weeks. This can manifest in you dropping a toleration, speaking out when need be, or even having a bit of a hissy-fit to clear the air. You may not velvet your claws, but expect things to move forward more evenly once you express.

The Leo Lunar energy increases courage, healthy aggression (no doormats!) and heightens creative powers. You're more apt to be impetuous and quick to act and right now, that's a good thing.
Think: generous, flamboyant, companionable and independence.

The main way to align with this energy is to mimic the Sun—be bold, commanding, animated and Bast, goddess of all felines, elegant, noble, patient.

Don't just be in the spotlight, BE the spotlight!

Here is a quick 'to do' list with actions to spark energy, enthusiasm and fun.
  • Play
  • Dance
  • Laugh
  • Sleep in
  • Individuate
  • Finger paint
  • Adopt a kitten
  • Get creative
  • Enjoy the drama
  • Go out to a romantic dinner
  • Practice more self-love and nurturing
  • Play music, sing, draw, sketch, write, perform
Book lists with amazing cat characters on Goodreads
Suggestions for what to read next?

Support the feline energy in you by reading Spec Fic books featuring sentient cats.

Have a favorite to share? Let me know and I'll add it to my Goodreads List - Books of Bast - or pop over and vote for it yourself.

Happy New Moon in Leo, everyone!


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Helen Lowe said...

Hey Kim,

Love the post!

Ru Emerson's "To the Haunted Mountains" (the first of a trilogy) is narrated by a cat character, Nisana (I think).

Kim Falconer said...

Thanks, Helen. I'll put it on the Goodreads list! (and my ever expanding TBR list).