Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Epic! New Wall Of Night Series Covers Revealed On SF Signal!

On 1 August I unveiled the new US cover for Daughter Of Blood, the 3rd book in my Wall Of Night series, right here on the Supernatural Underground. 

And just a few weeks back, on September 1, I shared some of the great cover quotes that grace the cover for Daughter Of Blood, too.

Today, I'm very excited that all three, new US covers for the Wall Of Night series have (finally!) been revealed on Hugo-award winning site SF Signal and couldn't wait to share the Moment of Squee-ee-e with you all here on Supernatural Underground!

[EXCLUSIVE] Making Covers New: Creating An Epic Look For Helen Lowe’s THE WALL OF NIGHT Series

Do click on the link and check out the awesomebut there is more awesome yet!

The post accompanying the Great Cover Reveal(!) takes you behind the scenes on the whole book jacket development process: from my perspective as the author, but also sharing the perspective of my editor, Kate Nintzel. I do hope you find it interesting!

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