Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"Daughter Of Blood" (The Wall Of Night Book Three) Now Stars On My Website!

US cover
Daughter Of Blood, The Wall Of Night Book Three, is coming --- on 26 January, in both the US and UK: w00t!

To herald this awesome event, I've now given Daughter Of Blood star billing on my website.

The publication date, together with both the US and UK covers, are highlighted on the home page, here.

And there is also a dedicated Daughter Of Blood page, joining those created previously for The Heir of Night and The Gathering Of The Lost --- exciting!

UK cover
To add to the fun, there's a brand-new excerpt featured:

"The three hooded figures came up Grayharbor’s Sailcloth Street just as the rain swept in off the sea for the second time that day. The deluge brought a swirl of leaves and rubbish down the deep gutters on either side of the cobbled thoroughfare, and all three leapt for the portico of Seruth’s temple where Faro had taken shelter. He heard one of the strangers curse as his boot came down in the flood. The fine black leather was soaked in an instant, and the man cursed again as he followed his companions into the porch. Faro moved further back, into the corner closest to the temple door, wary of the long black cloaks and deep hoods that did not fall back even when the newcomers sprang for shelter. They were carrying swords, too. He recognized the shape of hilt and scabbard beneath their cloaks and knew that likely meant other weapons as well ..."

To read more, check out:

Daughter Of Blood

Enjoy! ;-)

For more deets of how/what/when/where (woo-hoo!), you can learn more via my publishers' sites:

Voyager, USA 

Orbit, UK


Sharon Stogner said...

Been waiting a long time for this one! Looking forward to it :)

Helen Lowe said...

Thanks, Sharon -- I hope you will find it worth the wait.:)