Sunday, November 1, 2015

From the UK with Love: More Daughter Of Blood Cover Fun -- *Plus* An Excerpt!

Tis only 3 months now until Daughter Of Blood, The Wall Of Night Book Three, is out, out, out — on both sides of the Atlantic.

Exciting times! And cover reveal mania is always part of the fun. :D

We took our first peek at the UK cover in July, and the new-look US cover on 1 August. But these were "front cover" previews only, although I did sneak in an early draft of the back cover text with the UK reveal ...

In the meantime, the good folk at Orbit UK have been working hard to get to an all-systems-are-go final cover for us today — and here it is! Not just the front cover, but the spine and back cover, too, and complete with an updated synopsis. Way to go, Team Orbit!

Doesn't it look great; atmospheric and just a wee bit eerie, in the best Gate of Dreams style.

 Now, here's that excerpt, which I hope you'll find atmospheric, too. No spoilers, though.:)

“…Malian gathered herself. Breathing in the resin of the pines, mingled with acrid earth, she brought the two places together in her mind, folding the distance between them. For a moment she stood poised between the quiet stable with its scents of horses and leather and hay, and the darkness beneath the pines with its thickly layered needles and scattered cones. She smelt sheep dung, too, scattered amongst the tree roots—and opened her portal, out of the stable and into the hollow in the foothills.

Peta, Raven’s mare, tossed up her head, but he spoke a quiet word and she steadied. Hani pricked her ears forward and then both horses followed Raven through the gate. Malian waited until the mares’ tails had swished clear before following, letting the opening close as soon as she stood on the foothill side. The imprint of the stable lingered briefly against the darkness and then there was just the pine grove, with the wind sighing down from the high peaks, bringing the chill of snow.”

~  from © Daughter Of Blood, The Wall of Night Book Three


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