Saturday, May 16, 2020

Get Caught Reading

Get Caught Reading 
Welcome everyone, to lovely May, the Get Caught Reading Month.

Get Caught Reading is a nationwide push inspired by the Association of American Publishers. The aim is to remind people in this time of isolation and crisis how much fun it is to read.

But we don't need reminding, right? If you're part of the Supernatural Underground party, reading is a given.

Still, it helps to throw our hands in the air and celebrate the joy of books! Let's do that now by recounting some of the awesome things reading does for you.

Women Get Caught Reading
1) First up, reading is entertaining and good for your health. Not only does allow us to immerse in story worlds, but it also reinforces neurotransmitters in the brain, keeping the mind sharp and firing.

2) Some studies show that reading reduces stress by up to 65%. That's a lot of stress to let go of!

Note: I'm not sure that the actual writing of books reduces stress, but that's a topic for another day. :)

Anime Characters Reading

3) It may surprise you to learn that reading fiction, or even non-fiction, helps us do MORE in the world. Studies show that if we read about other people's adventures, we are more likely to have adventures ourselves. It gets the brain moving, which means the body is more likely to follow suit.

Reading Romance

4) I've talked about rereading and social surrogacy before. Basically, when we read, we make connections to fictional characters in the same ways to do ‘real’ people.

Psychologists call it parasocial interactions because they are one-sided, but the fact remains, these relationships offer us all the mental and emotional benefits of camaraderie, community, romance and a sense of belonging, essential states for our health and well being.

If the brain is imagining it, physiologically, it's happening!

So, tell me what you are reading this month to celebrate the joy of books! I'd love to hear why reading is good for you.

See you in the comments!


Author Kim Falcconer

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billabong1502 said...

so far I've finished reading 2 books (well, more like novellas really) in May: "Sanctum: A Jake Crowley Adventure" and "Golden Fortune, Dragon Jade". Both by Alan Baxter. I had a bit of a peek read into a few other books, e.g. Thief's Magic (Trudi Canavan) and The Roo (Alan Baxter).
currently contemplating my next read... it's either "Served Cold" (compilation of short stories) by Alan Baxter or "The Melted Sea" (book 2 in the Tree of Ages series) by Sara C. Roethle... or maybe I'll rea-read a few of my favs, e.g. Vlad Taltos novels by Steven Brust, one of yours, Kim or perhaps books 1-3 of the "Wall of Night" series by Helen Lowe.

Reading is good for me because it helps me to keep my proficiency level in the English language (English not being my native tongue). One tends to quickly forget when not using it on a regular basis...*shrugs*
Looking at a character's behaviour and values, I also might learn a thing or two about myself (comparing it to my values, morals and standards) and store that experience/knowledge in the back of my mind for future reference/use.
Reading is opening my mind up to new ideas. Being an Aquarius I love to keep my brain cells busy and mulling over new concepts in my head. it keeps me entertained... *grins*

Kim Falconer said...

Hi Billabong1502, thanks for the rich and detailed reply. You've given me ideas for my ever growing TBR list.

And I hadn't considered the language benefits of reading. That's important! Even for us who have English as a first language. It can strengthen the vocabulary, and there is a powerful opportunity to reflect on the core values of the characters. I often think, "What would I do?"

Being an Aquarius Moon, I love to keep my brain cells busy too, and mull over those concepts.

Thanks for the insights, and the shout out!

Keep reading!

billabong1502 said...

Hey Kim

I absolutely concur re: strengthen the vocabulary. Reading most books on my Kindle it's rather handy to have a dictionary integrated so I can instantly look up a word/expression I don't know.

so what books are on your TRB list? what are you currently reading and/or researching when not editing your new book? ... ? ;-)

Kim Falconer said...

I use Kindle on my iPhone. A proper Kindle is on my wish list for sure.

I just finished Nicky Dayden's Escaping Exodus - a book with extraordinary worldbuilding - and am hanging out for the second in the series. Then, because it was in the same sub-genre, I reread Anne McCaffrey's The Ship Who Sang, followed by Lydia Kang's Toxic.

Right now I'm reading Pintip Dunn's Malice, a SF/Time Travel YA. Next, I'm reading Station Eleven by St. John Mandel.

And, I'm still looking at Laini Taylor's Must of Nightmares (2nd in Strange the Dreamer). I love her writing, though 'Strange' didn't hook me enough to tear into Muse of Nightmares... Have you read?

I'm looking at your list now and thinking to add some of them too, and of course Helen Lowe's Wall #4!

billabong1502 said...

Helen's Wall #4 might still be a way way off from being released.... then again with you authors, you prob swap copies/manuscripts beforehand at some
... just like with your books, the long wait is bloody well worth it :-D

Haven't heard of the Muse of Nightmares (or the series in general). I'll go check it out what it's about.

A series of books I mentioned before in one of the blog post comments is "The Guardian Cylce" by Julia Gray. they're amongst a very exclusive compilation of books I have re-read.

In the past I was also an avid reader of David Gemmell... could not get enough of his stories... especially the Drenai and Rigante Series. Loved the Troy Series, too! Winter Warriors was my first... you never foget your first... (lol). Thinking about the books makes me realise how much I miss them... - so there actually might also be some re-reading material in it for me... *laughs*