Saturday, June 12, 2010

Too Sexy For His... What IS sexy, anyway?

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We've all heard the question, "What kind of guy (or girl) do you think is hot? Do you like blonds? Dark hair? Redheads? What about eyes -- blue, brown, green?"

I usually respond to these kinds of queries with a blank look, as if I don't understand the question. And maybe I don't. What does hair or eye color have to do with sexiness? For me, absolutely nothing. True appeal is so much more complicated.

This becomes really clear to me with actors. Everyone has their favorites, the ones they consider hot, hot, hot. And, okay, there are definitely actors that I find highly attractive. Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, almost always. But, honestly, it's rarely the actor I fall in love with (or fall in lust with), but a specific character.

Russell Crowe is a great example. As Robin in the new Robin Hood movie and Maximus in Gladiator, the man sizzles. As Ed Hoffman in Body of Lies...uh, no.

Johnny Depp is another prime example. (He's also another incredible character actor.) I first fell in love with him as the gypsy Roux in the movie Chocolat. But Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands? 'Nuff said.

I saw a Disney Movie a few years back called Model Behavior. It was a prince and the pauper story about a celebrity model who switched places with her average-high-schooler look-alike. The two girls couldn't have been more different -- one supremely self-assured, the other awkward and uncomfortable in her own skin. One was beautiful, the other just very average. But both were played by the same actress, Maggie Lawson. Same hair, same eyes, same body. When the model and high schooler switched places (and clothes and hairstyles), the now-pretend high schooler suddenly started turning heads, and gaining the respect of her peers. The thing is, it wasn't her clothes or hair style, it wasn't even her looks (which were the beautiful Maggie Lawson's all along) that changed her. The transformation came from her attitude, from her self-confidence. Whereas the real high schooler was completely intimidated by the bullies, the model playing the high schooler wasn't. Not at all. It was that attitude and self-confidence that changed an ugly duckling into a swan. Not eye color. Not hair color.

What makes a guy sexy? It's attitude. (The good kind of attitude, not the kind that makes you want to slap him upside the head.) How he moves (with an easy confidence that doesn't draw attention to itself), how he acts (with honor and integrity and thoughtfulness), what he says (and how he says it), and what he does. Personally, I find a sense of humor in the face of adversity an extremely attractive trait. As I do the strength and confidence to step into the middle of any difficult situation and take charge. Innate leadership ability is always a plus. But I also appreciate a man who knows who he is and doesn't feel the need to prove anything to others.

Brown eyes? No hair? Who cares? Bruce Willis, anyone? Give me intensity, humor, depth, and wisdom. Give me an honest, warm smile and eyes filled with intelligence and kindness. Wrap them up with a pair of shoulders broad enough to carry his responsibilities, a killer smile, and yeah, some nicely sculpted abs, and you've got the perfect male. A gorgeous guy without those other qualities, while nice to look at, leaves me cold. It's what shines through from the inside that separates the true heroes from the pretty pictures. And that, for me, is true sex appeal.

So, what about you? What actors and/or characters inspire your own admiration or fantasies?

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Tracey O'Hara said...

Pamela - the more I hear about you the more I am amazed by how alike we are.

I so totally agree. For me there are a couple of standouts - Daniel Craig in the 007 James bond movies. I've seen him in other thing that are just a bit meh - but as James Bond - oh la la. The whole package is dangerous and sexy as all hell.

Another one what depends is Brendan Fraser - in George of the jungle - totally hot, but in other movies, totally not.

And one of my favorites is Sam Elliot. It's the voice that gets me - his voice is like liquid sex.

krismo1 said...

An attitude that stands out will get me every time. Its that person that no matter what they look like, when they walk in the room every head turns just because of the presence they exude.

As far as actors go... I think Sean Patrick Flannery is one of the hottest men I've seen... when he's in Boondock Saints. Any of his other movies and he's really just a normal looking guy. Then that could be the Irish accent he uses in the Saints.

Anonymous said...

The first character that jumps to mind is Barrons from Karen Marie Moning's Fever series ... he's a super badass, but the little things that he does and says, especially when he doesn't think anyone will notice (for example, at the end of book 2 (Bloodfever), when he thinks Mac is dying and becomes surprisingly (and very much intriguingly) emotional about losing her) hint that there's a lot more lurking beneath all the sexy I-don't-care-You-don't-need-to-know-I'M-ALPHA-MALE posing. It's definitely all in the attitude, you're right :) I couldn't for the life of me even begin to describe how Barrons looks, lol ... but it doesn't really matter ... he just IS hot!

Sharon said...

The voice always determines sexiness for me. Not sure why.

Cassie said...

Orlando Bloom an Johny Depp I love them both in Pirates

Cassie C

rightforme said...

model behavior stars Justin Timberlake I seen that!!

who I like depend on the change in shows (what show I am watching). if they do a good job in their character. love a smile that looks like they are thinking dirty! lol

eye color and hair doesn't matter to me

owww Orlando Bloom Yum!!!

Karin Stanley

Mary said...

I think it is in the eyes.... Your right, eye color is not worth beans but it is when he can express love, warmth and strength in a single glance. With direct eye contact he expresses his carefully directed confidence and with his intensity, he shows the depth and commitment of love. Cher might be right ;) but the ability to share a world of emotion in a single glance is what gets me loosey goosey in the knees.

PS Im with ya Pamela... I love a pair of strong shoulders :)

Angela said...

What is sexy to me is a man who oozes self confidence and strength. Someone who is all man but who is soft enough to let a woman in. Someone a woman can completely trust to love them and keep them safe. A character I fell in love with that comes to mind is Dante in Lara Adrian's Midnight Series.

Lynn said...

Totally Agree.. Its not what catches they eyes, but what holds the heart.

I love Alpha Men. Thats all attitude. You mentioned Bruce Willis Pamela? HA!!! Sign me up!! LOL Tim Roth in the TV show "Lie to Me". Not really your text book "model" looking guy, but the character? WOW.

Yes, I am more drawn to men with certain physican attributes than others. But is that just a coincidence of nature? Hmmmm.... perhaps? Is Mother Nature putting awesome green eyes & a nice butt on an Alpha Man w/great Tattoo's so that I am more likely to wanna Jump his bones? LOL Probably!!!

Pamela Palmer said...

Oh, great comments! I think this is why we love books so much. No matter how the author describes him on the outside, it's the inside we see and fall in love with. Our imaginations dress him up (looks-wise) to suit our own tastes.

Terri Garey said...

While I technically seem to prefer dark-haired men, what REALLY does it for me is intelligence and a sense of humor.

If a guy can't hold his own in conversation, it doesn't matter if he looks like a Greek god, and if he can't make me laugh as well as be able to laugh at himself, then forget it. I gotta have that little twinkle in the eye!

Which is probably why I'm crushing a bit on Simon Baker from the Mentalist right now - he's not only gorgeous, he plays a former con man who outcons the cons: smart, wry sense of humor, and underneath it all, I know he's got that sexy Aussie accent going on! :-)

josiebakerbooks said...

Model Behavior was hilarious!

rightforme said...

Dante in when darkness comes by Alexandra Ivy, one of my favorite this is he calls Abby "lover" from the very beginning. love a guy that knows what he wants and is not afraid to show it or voice it!!

Diva's Bookcase said...

Sexy is like a aura that some men carry around. It not all in the way he talks,walks, or dresses. To me, sexy is like a personality, you're just born with it.

Joss Ware | Colleen Gleason said...

Count me in as a shoulder/chest girl. Something about those squared-off shoulders.

I love a guy who can make me laugh, and also one who listens to me and respects what I have to say. That's sexy.

My current fave is Robert Downey, Jr, and I love him as both Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes.

He's got a face that looks like he's lived.

Stephanie G said...

Actor wise, Brad Pitt. I've had a crush on him for years and I think he just gets better. He also has a great sence of humor which I love. Book wise, V from J.R. Ward's BDB series.

Meredith said...

Oh wow, I loved Model Behavior. Such a fabulous TV movie! You're right that being sexy has a whole lot to do with being confident--I never much care about the descriptions of a character's hair or eye color, but I do care about his sense of humor, his integrity, etc.

Buffy said...

Sexy is piercing eyes. Sexy is making me laugh without trying. Sexy is a deep voice or accent that makes me swoon.

So, obviously Johnny Depp. He is on my "list." James McAvoy is another one. He can do every accent imaginable and they all make me melt.

Why do men get more attractive as they age? How fair is that?!?

Lillie (AliseOnLife) said...

I really swoon over the Brit stars Richard Armitage (he's seen in Robin Hood and MI:5), and Daniel Craig on the big screen.

But, in books, I think my favorites are Lugh and Adam from Jenna Black's Morgan Kingsley series. Magnus from Cassandra Clare's books, and Irial from Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely series.

It's more their personality and attitude that I am attracted to, than actual physical looks.

There is something about the dark and dangerous; the broody and mysterious.

Katherine Allred said...

It's perception, pure and simple. We all see the world, (and heroes) through our own lenses. For example, when I pick up the flyswatter my dogs tuck their tail between their legs, ears go back, and they slink into another room. The cat thinks it's a toy. (It's hard to swat a fly with a cat hanging from the end of the swatter.) Same object, two very different reactions. And while we know it's what's on the inside that counts, how many red-haired, freckled heroes have you ever seen in romance novels? I haven't seen any. So on some level, looks do matter.

TracyW said...

I agree with everything you said. I find a man's attitude and personality very attractive. Although, really good looking with the right attitude is even better.

Crystal said...

I tend to gravitate to the tall, dark and handsome. Saying that though, if they don't have the right attitude it totally turns me off and they move down on the sexiness level.
There are a lot of characters in books that are described as gorgeous & sexy but loose appeal because of their attitude. SOME (the list is too long to list all) characters that I find incredibly sexy (and most of them ARE tall & dark) are JR Wards BDB - Vishous, (tattoos and piercings don't hurt either!)Rehvenge & Qhuinn. Then of course there is Hunter and Bones. Yum Yum. And I loved Quinn from Sookie, Nightwalkers - Jacob and Anita's Jean-Claude. No, some of them aren't perfect human beings, or non-human beings as it were, but they have a good heart as well as being sexy.
Actors I have to go with Johnny Depp, I have been in love with him since 21 Jump Street, Orlando Bloom and Drew Fuller. If I met them in person that might change but since I haven't I can keep with the fantasy of them being perfect men. LoL
And I agree with Katherine and Tracy. =)

nymfaux said...

Pamela, thank you for the awesome contest!!!! I'm super excited, because I just put your books on my wishlist!

I totally agree with you that it's a person's "persona" and attitude that make them sexy.

I just saw an interview that Joss/Coleen did, and I am TOTALLY on the same page with her on Robert Downy Jr. --if I could remember the link, I'd past it for you guys.

I have always been drawn to movies, partly because of the stories, partly because of the actors--I used (sometimes still do) have the biggest crush on Bing Crosby--It was the look in his eyes, his sense of humor, the music in his voice...I listen to Christmas music all year long because of him. *sigh*

I have an extensive movie crush list, but there are definitely certain Cary Grants that I love best..."Charade" and "Father Goose" are at the top. Gary Cooper in "Love in the Afternoon" always makes me melt. Rod Taylor in "Sunday in New York." Harrison Ford in "Sabrina," and everything else.

Hugh Laurie in "House," and "Alan" and "Denny" from Boston Legal. Tim Roth in "Lie to Me."

Merrie Destefano said...

Awesome post, Pamela! I have to agree with Terri Garey and Joss Ware. Intelligence and a sense of humor are tops for me. And I really do like a man who looks like he's been around for awhile.

Nicole said...

One of the sexiest men in my mind? Jonathan Rhys Meyers from the Tudors. He is so sexy on that show.

Tanya said...

I have to go with Sawyer from Lost or Aragon from Lord of the Rings. AHHH!! they both do it for me ;-)

Blodeuedd said...

Yup, loved Maximus, but in that other role, not so much. the sexy just went away.

For me I see it in Richard Armitage. He can be sexy as hell, and then sweet the next moment.

Tore said...

The character that aspired me the most is the actor who played Angel in Buffy. Not only was he handsome and mysterious but he had a soul. He was trying to do the right thing by helping people so he was forgive for all the wrong he done and to have a soul again. In the process of the show he fell in love with Buffy. He already had a soul but didn't realize it. Please enter me in contest.

rhomitz said...

I have two. My first being Johnny Depp because of his love for his family. He is a doting father, a good "husband" and provider. Let alone that he's not bad on the eyes either.
My second being Will Smith. Again, the same for him as Johnny Depp. He treasures his wife and his family completely. To me, this is soooo attractive in a man. And once again, he's not bad to look at either. LOL!

Melissa said...

His heart. Love a man with a good heart. :)

Leah Clifford said...

SUCH a great post! For me, looks don't have much to do with sexiness. I'm a personality girl. Give me a snarky guy who can hold his own and I'm SO in.

Nicole Murphy said...

Pamela, I'm soooo with you in this - looks aren't enough, there's got to be character there. Strength, intelligence, but I'm also quite partial to a guy with a bit of angst (not too much, a bit). Say Aragorn, as opposed to Legolas.

What I find most attractive in a hero, however, is when his admiration and respect for the heroine is so obvious. When he doesn't take her for-granted, when he needs her to be who she is, when he's ready to take the back seat and give her room to shine - that is hella sexy to me.

It's the point in Pride and Prejudice, where Darcy talks about how Elizabeth makes him want to do better, be better, that makes my toes curl. That, and when Colin Firth walks out of the lake, all dripping...

rachel445 said...

I love this post! And I totally agree with the points you made, Pamela. A guy can be completely good-looking, but without the right attitude, he does nothing for me.
I think Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is totally hot. He wears that wife beater, and he's pretty well-built. I also love Angel from Buffy. He's hot, but also totally sweet.
As for characters, I love Jericho Barrons from the Fever series. Yeah, most of the time he's a cold Aplha male, but underneath I think he cares more than he lets on. Plus he's so badass that even the bad guys wont mess with him. Also adore Dimitri from Vampire Academy. He's smokin' but on top of that is loyal and kind, and that's why I like him so much. And of course I love a guy with a sense of humor..

wanda f said...

Too too many lol I would have to say Michael Rubenstein aka Michael Weston,another one would be Jason Behr did anyone see him in Skinwalkers? yumyumyum

Pamela Palmer said...

Great examples! Some of these guys I'm definitely going to have to investigate.

I see a couple of you are Fever addicts, too. Jericho Barrons! I don't think I'm going to make it until December.

Oh, and Aragorn. How did I not mention Aragorn? He's my absolute number one.

Kylie Griffin said...

Tracey, I so am with you about Sam Elliot's sexy voice!

Hugh Jackman in Paperback Hero - his actions not his looks (although they certainly help *lol*)

Sam Worthington in Terminator Salvation - what's not to love about a guy who's looking for redemption and sacrifices himself in the end?

Book characters - gosh, don't get me started, I have a list a mile long...

Some have already been mentioned like V & Quinn from JRWard's BDB.

F'nor from Anne McCaffrey's Dragons of Pern series

Quentin from ABANDON THE NIGHT - J.Ware - what's not to love about a man accepting his woman for who she is and convincing her he loves her that way?

Vane from NIGHT PLAY - S.Kenyon - protective, gentle and considerate

Judd Lauren from CARESSED BY ICE - N.Singh - as he discovers his emotions, phew!

Miriliel from TAILSPIN - D.Rossetti - that's one powerful personality and he's easy on the eyes, too

No need to enter me in this contest - I already have a copy of DESIRE UNTAMED and devoured it, along with all the others in this series *grin*.

Jessica said...

Hmm...James Marsters as Spike definitely comes to mind when I'm trying to write my vampire WIP, but then there is a bit of Angel into the mix as well. David Boreanz or however you spell it, also comes to mind.

Then in regards to other characters from novels, I really like Jeaniene Frost's Bones!

Back on actors, you can't forget Johnny Depp! And I do like some of Hugh Jackman's bada$$-ness. Also Mark Wahlberg because he's good-looking and bada$$!

There are probably more that I just can't think of. I don't want to confuse who I love to see in movies with who I think of when developing my own characters.

Cath's Chatter said...

OH WOW there are far too many great actors that come to mind, for example: Sam Worthington in Avatar, Robert Downey Jr in Sherlock Holmes or anything for that matter, Sean Connery in the Bond movies, Joseph Fiennes in Shakespeare In Love, and any actor that can pull off an Irish or Scottish accent!!!! SWOOOON!!

Book wise: BONES BONES BONES from Jeaniene Frosts books, Jacob from the Twilight series for the whole BFF thing, and any character that no matter what their faults puts someone elses feelings before their own. And make me laugh, they've gotta make me laugh :):):):):):):):)

Carol L. said...

Shoulders, laughter and integrity are perfect. There are many gorgeous men out there but not all are lovable.
A sexy Cowboy kind of man or kilted Highlander (Jamie Fraser)and then there is Roarke from Nora Robers In Death series.For real life, I have always loved Gregory Peck in To Kill A Mocking Bird. This was a beautiful, gorgeous man.All his co stars said he really was Atticus Finch.And Pamela, I LOVE your writing.
Carol L.

Cleverly Inked said...

The walk says it all. If there is no pride in the walk he is not even worth a glance. After that is boils down to sincerity.

Nicholas Johnson said...

I may be a guy, but felt that I could comment. I agree that it's not the hair color or eye color that make a character sexy (this goes for a male or female character). It's all about the personality.
I think that the character does need to be described, but they can be given just about any combination of characteristics. Some combinations do seem to be more ingrained in our minds as kinds of stereotypes. But, as long as they have the confidence and the attitude ... dark hair with brown eyes or blonde hair with blue eyes doesn't matter.

Victoria said...

I think a man with confidence is sexy. A nice build and face don't hurt either. Has to be intelligent. Not a fan of hairy men.

Isis M. Nocturne said...

I do have a physical "type," but the attitude does it for me as well, and if it's not there, I'm not interested. I definitely share the love for both Hugh Jackman and Johnny Depp, not just because they're classically handsome men, but because they obviously have core values, and it's obvious that they cherish and protect their families. Stephen Moyer, David Bowie, and Sean Connery also make the list for the same reasons. They're smart, confident, talented men, they don't down others, and they're family oriented. Even better, they're good with fans!

These kinds of people are sexy because of all that they offer to the people in their lives. Their attitudes are positive, and their looks just icing on the cake.

Jackie Uhrmacher said...

I'm going to have to agree with the Sam Elliot vote even though he's almost three-times my age. I love love LOVE that man's voice.

Of course there are the crowd favorites like Gerard Butler--his silver hair in Dear Frankie even did it for me--and Ryan Reynolds, but two absolute favorites will always be Cary Grant and Bruce Campbell.

kiapinky said...

A man has to be outgoing, kind, funny, have sculpted arms and a killer smile to be considered sexy in my book.

Cylver said...

To me, sexiness isn't about hair or eye color, or height, or body type or whatever. As so many here have said, sexiness is more about having self-confidence. Intelligence and a sense of humor are both pluses as well!
Having said that, I must admit to having a "thing" for Johnny Depp! He was, of course, incredibly hot in Chocolat, but hey, I thought he was also sexy (in a weird, oddly sweet way) in Edward Scissorhands, and Benny and Joon, and Pirates, and Crybaby, and Public Enemies. I can't wait to see him as Barnabas Collins!

lavendersbluegreen said...

it's confidence and lack of, energy and passion, intelligence and quirks... so many combinations add up to sexy... well here's a start:
James Marsters / Spike
Bowie in Labyrinth - oh heck 24/7
Jim Parsons / Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory +
Leonard Nimoy as Spock
Barney on How I Met Your Mother
Patrick Stewart... Yumm
Supernatural brother sandwich anyone?
Ian Somerhalder as Damon in Vampire Diaries
Will Smith
David Blue as Eli in Stargate Universe
Daniel Henney as Dr. Lee in Three Rivers
Jet Li & Jackie Chan
David Krumholz in Numb3rs & Rob Morrow out of character
that's just the tip of the iceberg on screen... in print the list goes on forever...

Cem said...

Agreed. It's not just about the outer packaging, it's attitude that takes a guy from 'hmm' to 'HOT!!!'.

From books, the two guys I probably find sexiest are Dimitri Belikov (Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy) and Clayton Danvers (Kelley Armstrong, The Otherworld). I liked both characters from the start, but it was when I learnt more about them, what makes them tick, how they handle tough situations and the girls in their lives, that I fell for them. Super strong and good looking only goes so far.

Film/TV wise: Johnny Depp, very hot in Chocolat and Pirates of the Caribbean, but I've yet to see him in anything else where he comes close to those. It's the character that does it, 100%. I (like many) grew up watching Buffy. I can't deny James Marsters is good looking, but Spike never did it for me. Angel on the other hand? But again, I don't find David Boreanaz hot in everything he's in.

CrystalGB said...

I think it is confidence, a sense of humor, intelligence and a kind outgoing personality that makes a guy sexy.
I find Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Matthew McConaughey and Mark Walberg sexy.

Cory W. said...

Right now I'm reading more books than watching TV, but when my eyes get tired of reading, lately I've been going to There I watch episodes of "Hart to Hart" Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers are a great team. Rober plays a self-made millionaire named Jonathan Hart. He's responsible, kind, intelligent, takes charge in difficult situations, helps his friends. My favorite aspects of his character are his humor in the face of adversity, depth of emotion/feeling, his honest, warm smiles and the love & loyalty he shows for his wife. I'd love to be a part his life; of a man's like who has as much integrity and honor as he.

Cory W. said...

Oh and I don't mind the age thing one bit. In my mind it's not about how much older he is, it's about what a man has learned from his life and how he's chosen a path of integrity, service/compassion, passion, openness to adventure and yes, good health! I know I will be with a man who takes care of his body, mind and spirit. (e.g. regular exercise (plenty in the bedroom ;) *wink), eats healthy foods but is not strict(or righteous)--just balanced(junk food/healthfood). Multiculturalism is so important to me--being aware of other cultures customs and that those values, mores and such are equaly valid and are to be respected --something I'm not sure the character on the show had..but that was just a reflection of our culture at the time. Except sometimes the show makes fun of cops...what's with the whole cop/P.I thing? I guess that's another story!
A Jonathan Hart type of man will someday have my heart! ; )

Krixel said...

This is so true. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of celebrities I very much like to look at but have no desire to meet.

As far as celebrity crushes go, I've got to say John Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls is my true love. :-) The man is pure sexy just to look at, but it's his music that won me over. All his lyrics are so beautiful and meaningful and show he's so much more than an extremely pretty face. Plus, a guy with a guitar = bonus hotness points.

As far as book characters one of the first examples I can think of is Niall from Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely series. I thought he was sweet in Wicked Lovely and Ink Exchange but I also thought he was pretty forgettable... then Fragile Eternity came along. He was the same character as far as appearance but with a new, hot as hell, attitude that made me want to sit up and beg. So yeah, attitude makes a huge difference.

Jackie Uhrmacher said...

Cem - Clay is one of the SEXIEST men in fiction. He doesn't care about his physical appearance. All he cares about are Elena, his kids, and the pack. Soo sexy.

Victoria said...

But by all description Clay is always well kept. He is one sexy man :) I would love those blond curls in my hands!

Deidre Manuel said...

Mental and physical health :
Good skin and muscle tone, fit and strong (mentally and physically),nice smile (and good teeth), well groomed, confident and assertive but considerate.

More specific:
Dark eyes and hair, slightly tanned skin, good physique, knowledge and willingness to please a woman in bed.

emmad said...

I would have to agree with the attitude aspect but am another that goes for dark haired and eyed guys. The blond blue eyed men just don't do much for me. But I also tend to like the nice guys rather than the bad boys.

k_sunshine1977 said...

i would have to agree with you about attitude, sense of humor, and all those attributes that we want in men, but it's also the eyes and the hands for me. if they don't have nice eyes (color isn't important here, it's more what you're seeing in their eyes) and strong hands (work-roughed is even better! yum!), then there isn't a spark for me. i'm a fan of height, too - i'm a tall girl, and i like actually being able to look up at someone once in a while - but that's more flexible....

now if they're wonderful on the eyes but they suck as a person, there is nothing there for me...

k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

Keila said...

Hello Pamela! I agreed with you. Sexy is about attitude, style, and personality. I've found alot of handsome men without that kind of attitude that is sexy to me. As for actors,well, that depends on what kind of character they play.
a) Orlando Bloom is very sexy as Legolas in Lord of the Rings, as Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean, and as Balian de Ibelin in Kingdom of Heavens. But not sexy as Drew Baylor in Elizabethtown and as Paris in Troy.
b) Viggo Mortensen is very sexy as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings, but not sexy as Frank Hopkins in Hidalgo.
c)Eric Bana is very sexy as Hector in Troy and as Henry Tudor in The Other Boleyn Girl, but not sexy as Nero in Star Trek.
d) These two are so sexy: Alexander SkarsgÄrd as Eric Northman in True Blood, and Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries. I know they are so hot, but I like their characters as well.
d) Gerald Butler is always sexy even as the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera, lol.

Pamela Palmer said...

The winner of a signed copy of DESIRE UNTAMED is rachel445!

Rachel, please send your snail mail address to me at

Thanks to everyone who posted. I loved reading your thoughts!

nymfaux said...

great post! congrats to the winner!

Sharon said...

I agree it is the actions of the man that color him for me. I find that after I finished a book the mental picture I have of the hero is nothing like the actual description the author gave . I kind of gloss over the detailed description of his looks, if that makes sense, and see him by his actions.

rachel445 said...

OMG! Yay! Thank you Pamela! Just sent my email in :)