Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Good morning, lovely, and happy Boxing Day to you all! Was your Christmas fabulous? Mine was, and we're still celebrating over here at Chez Karina. We have leftovers to nom on, presents to find homes for, cats to cuddle and a rabbit who has enjoyed nibbling away at all her wicker ornaments.

And I think I'll convince the mancandy to go out and get my favoritest seasonal thing in the whole world—apple pie. (Well, all right, second only to a fine bottle of Bailey's to put in my coffee and hot cocoa.)

And what better way to spend the day after Christmas? Why, with my third favorite seasonal thing ever, and a tradition I've picked up along the years: Christmas anthologies!

Because I don't have enough books in my shelf, I always have to add a few more every Christmas. Along with the usual suspects—like Cherry Adair, whose Undertow is releasing on Tuesday!—I have a weakness for Christmas anthologies. Especially ones featuring hot guys with Christmas accoutrements.

This year's was Hot for the Holidays, a paranormal extravaganza featuring shapeshifters, knights in shining armor, Fae on the run, and lots of Christmas magic.

I love Christmas. I love what it represents, and I love what it means to families and children and lovers. I love stories set around Christmastime and I can never get enough, so I hope that publishers will continue to put out these heartwarming stories year after year, so I can devour them by the twinkling lights of my Christmas tree.

What about you? Do you have a favorite Christmas tradition? A favorite book you read 'round the holidays, or perhaps a trip you take to view the lights in your city? What's your favorite Christmas story ever?

Karina Cooper is a paranormal romance author for Avon. The first of her Dark Mission series, Blood of the Wicked, will be available in May. She's a Christmas fiend and gets twitterpated around Christmas lights, and don't let her lie—she always gravitates towards holiday anthologies that feature a sexy Santa on the cover. She's easy like that.


Sharon S. said...

"Is that a candy cane in your pocket or...wait, that is a candy cane" .

We always search out the bestest and brightest lights we can find and the white lights don't count! Glad you had a great Christmas. We did too.

Denise Vega said...

my favorite to watch is santa claus is coming to town use to watch it with my 3 girls now I get to watch it with the grand children evry christmas eve we leave the cable tv on chrismas songs all night so we fall asleep to it & wake up to it the children seem to love this

orelukjp0 said...

We always watch Christmas Vacation. It is just like our family. The unexpected happens, the dogs are underfoot, and everyone drops by. In other words, a typical family.
Hope your Christmas was great. Have a fantastic New Year.

Teresa K. said...

When my dad was living we always put the Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving day and watch the Macy's parade to start the Christmas season off. Us kids would love to help dad decorate the tree. It just felt like Christmas then.
Of course than we would start the shopping and leading up to the events of Christmas. On Christmas eve we would always go to Midnight Mass since my dad was Catholic. We than would go home and open one Christmas present. Then they would expect us kids to be ready to go to bed but we were to pumped knowing Santa was coming. When they finally got us to bed and we awoke to see that Santa had come we would be like crazy people tearing into those presents.
Once the excitement would wind down we would spend all day watching Christmas movies. One of my favorites was Miracle on 34th St.
Now that my dad is gone and I have a step father who I have been fortunate to have for over 23 yrs. And I'm a mom I started a Christmas tradition with him. I take him to see the Nutcracker Ballet every year. It's just not Christmas without seeing this ballet. We now have Prim Rib Roast on Christmas day and then spend playing games on Wii or Xbox. Watch a movie such as A Christmas Carol or Miracle on 34th St. the Original and just hang out with family and friends. Those days with my real father are gone but I have my new traditions with my new father. Happy Holidays and Happy New year to all!

Cath's Chatter said...

LOL....can I please put my hand in there and retrieve that candy cane???*winks and waggles eyebrows*

Caffey said...

I haven't ventured out today but I think my daughter did! They don't have a book store close here now, I miss that! I could spend hours there! Now I mostly do online. Yeah on UNDERTOW! I didn't realize this week. Tuesday is release days as well as the first! I love the anthologies too because I can read authors I haven't yet but too those holidays ones are awesome! We put a new angel ornament on the tree in memory of my mom each year. My hubby surprised me with one last week and its beautiful! I've been reading any Regency anthologies I could find on Christmas here! I had picked one up that was 20 years old (1990, doesn't feel that long) and it was like I read now. It was fun! Then of course I love those sizzling ones, and yet to get this years new Brava one. Love those!

Anonymous said...

I love hearing about other Christmas traditions. Thanks for sharing, everyone.

1990 was twenty years ago? SHHH! Don't say that too loud! [wince]