Saturday, December 18, 2010

Death's Sweet Embrace - Trailer

The release of my second Dark Brethren novel - DEATH'S SWEET EMBRACE is looming large as it comes out in a little over a month. Here is a little if what the reviews have been saying so far.

“Death’s Sweet Embrace, book 2 in the Dark Brethren series, is an action packed thrill ride filled with non-stop action, mystery and a touch of romance. Truly a unique view in the paranormal genre that shouldn't be missed.”

Death's Sweet Embrace is another intriguing and sexy novel from the Dark Brethern series. The first, Night's Cold Kiss left readers in a trance with the creative storyline and beautiful romance that Tracey O'Hara has created. Fans will be far from disappointed with this installment as the paranormal world only deepens and the romance is just as sexy.”

"What great read if you are a Urban Fantasy/PNR fan! I read Tracey's first book (Night's Cold Kiss) and thought it was good for a debut. Tracey O'Hara has out done herself with this one. DSE has a complex story line with lots of characters that all come together for a "OMG I didn't see that coming" twist at the end ." 
From our very own regular Supernatural Underground reader Sharon Stogner on Goodreads.

And here is the Trailer.


Tynga said...

I hadn't realize the main character wouldn't be the same as in the same book. Great Trailer =) I'm looking forward to reading it ^^

Tracey O'Hara said...

Tynga - Antoinette still has a big part - but no - she isn't the main character.

I like to describe the Dark Brethren novels as series of books concentrating on a central group of characters similar to what would happen in a TV series. Each book has a self contained story with a different heroine and hero but there are themes that are carried throughout the series. I hope to continue the series in this vein, even with the possibility of re-visiting a previous hero and heroine’s story in future books.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Yay on the reviews. Love the trailer and I like your explanation of the Dark Brethren and its cast of characters.

Sharon S. said...

Hey, that's me! . This book really did make me all giddy. As to revisiting (Viktor) old characters (Viktor) I can't imagine who (Viktor) you might choose (Viktor) for the next book, but I am sure I will love (Viktor) it ;)

Jessica said...

Great trailer! I love seeing these because it kind of lets you put a face to the characters!

Terri Garey said...

I have got to meet (Viktor). :)

Sharon S. said...

get in line Terri .