Wednesday, March 7, 2012

All for the Love of Valerio

While the Dark Days series has come to a close with the release of Burn the Night last summer, I decided to take one last stroll down memory lane with a few of my characters.  As the series plunged forward with the momentum of a runaway mining car down an abandon shaft, I didn’t have much time to look back with some of my characters, which was a shame since many of them had already lived extremely long lives prior to the events in Nightwalker.  But with the world saved in a manner and my main characters set firmly on a good path forward, I chose to pause and revisit a couple of old friends in the form of a novella.

One in particular is the ever-so-dashing and frighteningly dangerous vampire, Valerio.  If Valerio had ever stepped foot in Hollywood, producers, directors, and casting directors would have stopped in their tracks and pointed at him, shouting: “Him!  That’s him!  The perfect vampire for our movie!”

Valerio represents the quintessential nightwalker in the Dark Days series.  The creature is devastatingly handsome with blondish-brown hair and haunting Mediterranean blue eyes.  His human descent is either Spanish or Italian, but he refuses to talk about his past.  In fact, little is known about Valerio and none can actually confirm his age, though it is believed that he is an Ancient (over 1,000 years old).

Valerio’s main pursuit in life is pleasure in all its forms.  He knows that he is at the top of the food chain and revels in his powers.  There are few who would dare cross him, for while his past is unknown, his cruelty and twisted sense of humor is well known among the nightwalkers.  When he is not hunting for blood or seeking diversions in the pleasures of the flesh, he amuses himself with the torment of those creatures about him, whether they be human, nightwalker, or lycanthrope.

Now you can’t dig into Valerio’s lurid past without talking about his long relationship with Mira, the Fire Starter.  For more than two centuries, Valerio and Mira were nearly constant companions as they wandered about Europe.  Valerio knows bits of Mira’s past that even she cannot remember.  He knows secrets that he’s been forced to keep from the one and only woman he has ever let himself love.

Want a closer look at this dashing figure and one last great love?
Want to know why Mira still wears his ring despite years of separation and a mad love for Danaus?
Want to how she got that ring?

Coming on April 10, BOUND TO ME will be released as a novella e-book.   Take a trip into Mira’s past, as she and Valerio go on a mission for the coven and get trapped in dangerous game being played by two vicious opponents who don’t care about potential casualties.

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