Thursday, March 1, 2012

Counting Down To“The Gathering of The Lost”—And Two Supernatural Underground Authors Nominated for the Gemmell Awards

USA/Canada cover

As shared with you all last month, I am really very excited that The Gathering of the Lost (The Wall of Night, Book Two) is about to be published—27 March is the big day in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, while UK readers have to wait just a tiny bit longer, until 5 April! As of today I have begun a countdown to publication by beginning to post excerpts from the book on my own blog, something I shall continue to do through until publication day.

UK/AUS/NZ cover
You can read the first excerpt, from the Prologue, right here. And the next excerpt will be posted Monday on my blog, so you can check back here then to ‘read all about it’. Or alternatively, if you follow me on Twitter, @helenl0we, you can find out when the excerpts post that way.
But although that’s probably enough excitement for one gal, there is more. You see, the first book in the series, The Heir of Night, has been nominated for the UK-based Gemmell Awards for heroic fantasy. Needless to say, this is a tremendous thrill because the awards were established to honor the master of heroic fantasy, author David Gemmell—and to celebrate excellence in the fantasy genre that he exemplified through books such as Legend and Dark Prince. In this case I feel doubly honored because The Heir of Night has been nominated in two categories: the Morningstar Award for Best Fantasy Newcomer and the Legend Award for Best Fantasy Novel.

Obviously I’m excited about this—very excited even!—but the great news for the Supernatural Underground is that we have another author with two Gemmell Award nominations: Kim Falconer’s Journey by Night and Road to the Soul have both been nominated for the Legend Award as well. Pretty special, huh?

And you, as Supernatural Underground followers, can play a part too—should you choose to accept the mission! ;-) Because the Gemmell Awards are reader voted, if you feel you would like to support either Kim’s or my book (or another book on the list you really love) you can go to the following links and vote:

The Morningstar Award for Best Fantasy Debut—vote here

The Legend Award for Best Fantasy Novel—vote here

(To vote, click in the button immediately above the book you wish to support.)


And next time I see you here on 1 April, The Gathering of the Lost will be out: w00t!


Supernatural Underground author Helen Lowe is a novelist, poet and interviewer, and currently writer-in-residence at the University of Canterbury. She blogs every day on “Helen Lowe on Anything, Really” and on the first day of every month right here on the Supernatural Underground.


Kim Falconer said...

Helen! It's exciting, isn't it! You know you have my Morning Star vote! Proud to be up there with you in such an amazing field.

Can't wait for the 'The Gathering of the Lost' release!!!!

Helen Lowe said...

Me, too! Kim. :)

Na said...

Love these covers. I'm excited for your big day :)

Helen Lowe said...

Thank you, Na -- they are great covers, aren't they? And the book within them, I hope readers will also find very good . :)