Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"The Gathering Of The Lost" Giveaway: We Have A Winner!

US cover
My apologies for going down to the wire on "Tuesday 9" in getting this to you—but the "Sorting Hat", aka Random.Org, has now spoken and we do have a winner for the The Gathering Of The Lost that was up to grabs in my July 1 post.

And the winner is [drum roll!]: 
Melissa (Books and Things)

Congratulations, Melissa!

If you could email me via contact[at]helenlowe[dot]info, to confirm your details and that it is the UK cover you want, that would be very much appreciated.:)

UK/AU/NZ cover
And thank you so much to everyone else who commented and sent lots of love and support The Gathering Of The Lost's way for the Gemmell Legend Award voting—you are all awesome!

And by way of a thank you, here's a snippet from GATHERING that I thought you might enjoy:

"...She could tell by the way he spoke that the last words must be part of the rite. Her fingers freed another braid, unraveling its full length as he had unbound her queue. She had loosened enough of the braids now that his hair was a fall of silk, heavy down his back. Malian smiled, thinking how it would sway as he moved, following the line of his spine—and swing around them both, shutting out the world, as their bodies came together. He was smiling, too, as she leaned forward and kissed the hollow of his throat.

“Malian of Night,” he said again, in the tone that was dark as wild honey.
She lifted her head and kissed him on the lips, silencing speech as his eyes met hers and body answered body, sinking to the grass. And far off in the shadowed woods the nightingale was singing again, sweet and sad beneath the twin moons, blue and twilit green, of Imuln’s blessed isle."

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