Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Three of Me

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Lately I've been more than torn in half, I've been torn in three parts. I write under three names, each with her own type of work and her own reading audience, with some overlap. When I go to sign a book or even a personal check, I really have to think about who I am! I'm in various degrees of denial when asked, "But aren't you really so-and-so?" Time to reveal the three of me, and what "they" have all been doing.

Time of Death by Shirley Kennett
1. Shirley Kennett (my real name) wrote the PJ Gray series of thrillers about a female psychologist who uses virtual reality to recreate homicide scenes. The whole series has been given new life as ebooks (Open Road Media) and audiobooks (Audible). One of the ebooks, Time of Death, is on sale for $1.99 on Amazon and elsewhere until July 31st. It's been exciting seeing this book climb in the top 100 ebooks of Crime Fiction. I'm hearing from PJ Gray fans, old and new, who are thrilled to have these new formats available to enjoy the books.

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Bloodletting by Dakota Banks2. Dakota Banks writes the Mortal Path series of urban fantasies about Maliha Crayne, a 300-year-old former demon's assassin now working to preserve life instead of taking it. She needs to balance the scales carved on her body by the Sumerian demon she served - save as many lives as she's taken at his direction - to redeem her soul. My publisher wanted to take this series ebook only, and though I loved Maliha, I wasn't thrilled about the idea or the terms. Since then, I've gotten so much feedback from readers and requests for more Mortal Path, I just can't leave this series without wrapping it up. So Dakota is becoming an indie author and will self-publish Mortal Path #4, Bloodletting. No projected release date yet. My third part is kinda busy (see below). The ebooks of the first three in the series are on sale for $4.74 each at Amazon, $14.22 for all three.

Approved or Rejected3. DB Ayers is my latest split personality, and hopefully my last! I've been keeping this connection a secret, but you won't tell, will you? As DB, I'm launching a YA science fiction trilogy, Aftermath, set in the future on a human colony planet. Silva was once green with plentiful water, but a brush with a wandering planet nudged it into an orbit closer to its sun. Now it's a desert-like environment where a lucky few live in cool, safe domes. Sixteen-year-old Anna Hart flees a deadly situation. Using her skills with an ancient weapon and her empathic ability, she struggles through danger and betrayal, searching for a place where love and hope can thrive. Aftermath is tremendously exciting to me. The proposal's being reviewed by 10 top NY editors and 2 Hollywood producers. I'm going crazy waiting to hear something!

Have you had times in your life when you've had to function as more than one "person"? Maybe not with different names, but with different roles? Tell me about it! Leave a comment below.

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Helen Lowe said...

I'm very impressed by your diversity--"doffs cap." And think "Aftermath" sounds fabulous--instant "approval" here. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Helen!

June M. said...

I had no idea that you wrote under all these different names. I would be totally confused and have to wear a "Hi...My Name is..." badge just to know who I was supposed to be when, lol.

YelenaC said...

Great way of juggling your different personalities! :) I've definitely felt at times as multiple people. But, as a writer, I also understand the need to have multiple names to write under.
The YA series sounds intriguing!

SandyG265 said...

I can't imagine having to juggle different personalities.

Donald said...

I think we all torn into different roles from time to time.

You have your "At work" personality - you have to be, you know, normal! You should be proper, mannerly, ethical, etc. (all the boring stuff!).

You have your "friends" personality - where you are allowed to truly be who you are without the fear of rejection.

You have your "parenting" personality where you have to do the right thing, discipline your child when you don't really want to, try not to laugh when they do something wrong, etc.

As an aside, I can say that I am said that D. Banks is taking a break. I really enjoy the Mortal Path series. But, I do like a lot of the YA books that are out there, so I am looking forward to reading the new series!!

Unknown said...

Can I first say that I love your Mortal Path series and I'm so happy that your publishing Bloodletting I've been anxiously awaiting the next book.

I give you praise for your ability to take on so many different roles. Its the mark i think of a brilliant writer to be able to shift your thought process to such drastically different storylines. I have a tough enough time being mom, wife, sister, daughter, coworker and best friend. At times I feel like I'm being pulled in twenty different directions. Especially when one role affects the others which is why I no longer hire friends to work with me lol.

Katie Dalton said...

Oh man, sure I have! At work I have to wear different hats depending on the day and what's going on. It's crazy and busy but I love it!

flockparty @

Unknown said...

June M., I know just what you mean by having to wear a name badge. When I go to a conference I have to decide which name I'm going to use for the day and suffer through the puzzled looks of people who know me as "that other author whose name I can't think of right now"!

Unknown said...

Unknown, you put it so clearly about the roles we play in everyday life! Kudos to you.

Dakota Banks said...

Stephanie, the Mortal Path is on my mind even when my mind is supposed to be elsewhere. I'm happy you're waiting for the next book - hang in there!

llamannerdymom said...

I don't know how you do it. I get so confused with dual identities. I accidentally answer with the wrong persona. As a fan of your different identities I am glad to hear that you are not going to totally stop Malhia series. I really love this strong character. It's nice to see a female antagonist that is as strong as her.

Anonymous said...

All of your personalities sound fascinating! :D

I'm a doctor by day and PNR/UF writer by night--it definitely feels like I lead a double life sometimes!