Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Life in Lyrics

Hello! The Heather half of Sable Grace here. Happy October!

Ok, so I have a confession to make. I'm not proud of it, but I'm not ashamed, either. I have ABBA on my Zune. That's right. You read correctly. ABBA. Why would someone in her early thirties have the Swedish (they are Swedish, aren't they?) gods and goddesses on her play list? Simple. For everything I do, I seem to have a soundtrack to accompany it. Growing up, the rare occasions when I cracked open my ever-locked bedroom door to venture into the rest of the house, ABBA was inevitably playing while the scents of Lysol and floor wax clogged my pores. I'd groan and moan, eager to get back to the Bangles or Bon Jovi that was blaring in my bedroom, but secretly, I hummed along to Mama Mia. Dancing Queen and such were my mother's soundtrack for house cleaning, and since, has become mine. There's something about listening to Fernando that makes dusting feel less like work and more like an excuse to shake what God gave me while singing slightly off tune.

Cleaning aside, I have a play list for just about everything. Jason Mraz for joy riding in my husband's Jeep. Girl power boppers like Lily Allen and Avril Lavigne for waxing my eyebrows or dying my hair. Cooking dinner? Gavin DeGraw or Gavin Rossdale. Then there's writing. A little Breaking Benjamin for the Sable Grace Dark Breed series. Movie scores for my historical romances. And the best song for writing love scenes? Damn, by Leann Rimes. I don't care if you don't like country music. It's the sexiest "romance book" song I've found to date.

But this time of year brings up one particular soundtrack. The kind that, every time you hear it, you get a shiver and the need to check under the bed before slipping under the covers. For me, a horror movie fanatic, that soundtrack is the theme score to the movie Halloween. Just those first few notes make the hairs on the back of my neck raise and perhaps even need to pee a little. I won't confirm that last bit. My pride forbids it. My husband has a similar reaction (maybe not the pee thing) to the Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams, which I play as often as possible in hopes of one day hearing him squeal like a girl. Hasn't happened yet, but I keep trying. I think a childhood incident is responsible for his hatred for that song, but in my opinion, my fear of Halloween is a bit more understandable, right? RIGHT??

I can't be the only one whose day-to-day living is accompanied by task-specific music. Please tell me I'm not a freak. Although, even if I am, I'm okay with that. I'm sure I have a play list somewhere that will cheer me up.

If there's a song that evokes a specific emotion in you, what is it? I'm dying to know!


Sullivan McPig said...

When I have to take a long drive in a car just by myself I need Aqua! I just have to sing along loudly to stay alert.

And when I'm depressed I get out the Smith. nothing clears my mood as quickly as Morrissey crooning to me how much more his life sucks than mine ;-)

Unknown said...

Ok, I admit, I don't have either of those on any play list. But I will definitely give them a try. Thanks Sullivan.

Patricia Lynne said...

Heather, I think you need this:
lol! (I got it for my bf and it's quite fun.)
Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie always evoke a strong emotion in me. It's just a deep, slow song and gets my creativity flowing.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh Patricia. I want that shirt!!!!!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Actually when I have a very boring repetitive task to do I put on swing music w/o any lyrics. For some reason the upbeat music helps. Plus, it has the added bonus of freaking people out when they are used to you playing anything but that music when they come into the room. :)

CdnMrs said...

Great post. I used to play my mom's Tubular Bells album (some of it used in the Exorcist) to make my mom completely freak out.

For me, Bob Marley and Steve Miller Band are my essential summer driving tunes, while old school hip hop (Salt 'n' Pepa, Sugar hill Gang, Young Mc, etc) is my "getting ready for a night out" music.

Casey H said...

I listen to music ALL the time too! And I just found the PERFECT song. Well, I heard it yesterday, and so far, it hasn't left my head, even if I'm singing along to another song, so I'll keep calling it the perfect song. It's Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri. It makes me happy, it makes me sad, it reminds me of past loves (well a past love that is aptly described by the lyrics), it makes me feel like I should be writing the next Great American Novel...I could go on and on about this song. And the music video! It's amazing! Here's a link for anyone who wants to watch it/listen to the song:

Oh, and I have to admit, I'm kinda sorta totally in love with Abba too. And I'm at least 10 years younger than you.

Unknown said...

Casey, I love Jar of Hearts! And thank you for admitting to liking Abba. I feel much better!

Sara, I have the Exorcist soundtrack just for those bells. Very creepy and perfect for mood setting an eerie scene.

Cylver said...

I've been known to sing along to an ABBA song occasionally myself. In the car, with the windows safely rolled all the way up!
But my favorite music is from the 80s. I love anything by The Cure, Erasure, The Smiths, B52s, Culture Club, etc. etc.
Of course lately I've been getting into the spirit of the season by listening to songs like Dead Man's Party by Oingo Boingo, Lullaby from The Cure, and my favorite one of all, Every Day is Halloween by Ministry (which isn't actually about Halloween, but rather about being true to yourself every day of the year!)

Sharon S. said...

I have playlists for things too. Starting in November I listen to the Christmas music my parents played when I was young. Fills me up with all kinds of happy.
I have a cleaning house playlist on Itunes . Mostly hard rock like Three Days Grace and screamo like Brokencyde.
One song that will always mean something to me is Alanis Morisetts (sp?) All I Really Want. I was in late stages of labor with my second child and I had to drive home from visiting someone. I had that song cranked up and would sing at the top of my lungs when the contractions hit.