Tuesday, February 16, 2021

The Quirky Magic of Book Journaling


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As we embrace the Lunar New Year of the Ox (check your horoscopes here), it might be time to do something that is both creative and practical, fun and therapeutic. I'm talking about starting a book journal, or #bujo for short.

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Why a Book Journal

Book Journals can:

1. Encourage you to read more, and that is healthy for you and everyone around you.

2. Activate your imagination through engagement with books 

3. Allow for more creative flow

4. Help organize your thoughts

5. Become life journals reflecting personal growth and insights

6. Get your writing more

7. Structure key thoughts for detailed book reviews

8. Offer a therapeutic process for recording your feelings and experiences

9. Keep favorite characters alive in your heart, also very good for your health. (Read more about social surrogacy and parasocial relationships with fictional characters.)

Brittybook on Instagram and Goodreads

Starting a Book Journal

Are you convinced to start one yet? All you need is a notebook, pens, paste and possibly a printer, tape and glue. 

Here is an inspiring YouTube Vid on getting started: 2021 Reading Journal Setup | Plantmas Day 10.

You can use a plain notebook, or go for something more like a leatherbound dream journal. It's up to you, but if you want to use watercolours, sumie inks or other more potent materials, make sure your pages can stand up to it.

You also might want to print cover images, quotes and reviews, author images and tips from websites to bring in a collage effect.

Mochibujo's TBR page in her 2021 book journal
Mochibujo TBR Page 2021

For Readers and Writers

Book Journaling content doesn't have to be confined to books you read and want to review. As mentioned above, the #bujo ('bullet journal' as tagged on Instagram and Twitter) can be a life journal filled with inspirations, visions, tarot spreads, dreams of note and import, quotes and fresh ideas.

The #bujo may even become your grimoire with spells, recipes, herbs, moon guides, manifesting techniques and wisdom gained from higher guidance. In essence, your book journal becomes a part of you, a collaboration with the Muse to acknowledge and honor the experiences of life, large and small, fictional and real.

Reading Journal Setup - 2021

If you have already begun your book journal for 2021, let me know. I'd love some tips and trick or just plain old encouragement as I begin this multimedia journey.

If you haven't considered it, I hope you do.

See you in the pages.


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