Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Guy Things That Girls Do.

Had a big party at Chez Ware-Gleason last Friday night. Am still recovering.

When my husband, aka Music Man, has a party, it always includes live music. In this case, he knew a couple guys who were putting together a new bluesy cover band and invited them to "try out" their new set at our house last Friday. We have a big yard on a lake, and the band was set up on the deck from our ranch's walkout.

Music Man is a piano player, so he moved a piano out onto the deck, and the guys brought a full drum set, amps, mixing board, guitars, mikes, etc., etc.

We had a keg, made dogs and brats on the grill, and attendees brought sides and stuff to share. Plenty o'food.

I can't sing, but I did. (Heh.) Sat myself next to Music Man during a lull (even though the new band was playing, it was also open-mike night for any attending musicians to sit in or join in), and I asked him to play "Baby I'm Amazed" and we sang it together. How sweet.

Well, it would have been sweet if I can sing. It was more like Linda and Paul McCartney than...hmmmm...Sonny & Cher? But I had fun, and since I couldn't hear myself, all was well!

Anyway, as I mentioned, I'm still recovering from the party.

But this brings me to the point of the blog. During the course of the evening, I was standing with a group of friends talking, and a few minutes into the conversation, one of the guys looked at me and said, "That's the second time you've dropped the F-bomb."

(I'm sure it's a shock to all of you that I would do such a thing. But, it's true. I did.)

Anyway, the friend, Ted, was more shocked-slash-admiring than anything. Maybe it's 'cause I know him from church, but it's not as if he's a sheltered kind of guy. Not in the least.

So, yeah. I use the F-word. I love the F-word. It's earthy, it's strong, it's satisfying...and it's a guy thing. It's a man's word.

That's why I love it.

And I personally don't find the word itself offensive--whereas there are other words/phrases that bother me (the C-bomb for one), this one is just a great, solid word.

So I got to thinking about guy things that girls do. Using the F-word is one.

Drinking a beer. (and enjoying it)

Driving a stick shift. (and preferring it)

I happen to do all three.

What other guy things do girls do? Which ones do you do, girls? Guys, do you see it this way? Or am I all effed up?



I love your Post.. Your house sounds awesome.
As for me I cuss like a sailor when I drive. If someone cuts me off or almost hits me.. its JFCYMFAH.. :)

Terri Garey said...

You're not effed up, Joss. :-) I rarely curse (because of my Southern upbringing, I suppose... we say "Bless your heart" instead of "F U!"), but I definitely have some guy tendencies.

Show me a sports car, particularly a Mustang or a Jaguar, and I start to drool. I want to drive it, I NEED to drive it! :-) In fact, when it comes to driving in general, I'm the worst passenger in the world... my husband just silently hands over the car keys whenever we go anywhere together. An electric guitar? My inner Joan Jett rears her shaggy head, secretly wishing she was Jimmy Page.

Oh, and I absolutely do not understand the concept of a "good cry", and Lifetime movies make me gag. LOL

Joss Ware said...

@Optimistic I'm glad I'm not the only one! I have to be careful when my kids are in the car.

@Terri Hmmm...my mother in law is from WV, and she says "Bless your heart" all the time....thanks for the *real* translation. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Great post! I too am an Fbomb droppin mf'er. Thing is, I never thought of that as being a "guy thing." Or guitar playing. maybe car stuff. I just honestly never saw them that way. Maybe I spent too much time playin' with the boys when I was growing up! (or just enough ;) )

CdnMrs said...

No way are you effed up. I love me some F-Bomb, it's not just for the bedroom anymore!
If I'm really excited or angry I say "dude" and it comes out sounding remotely like Ashton Kucher.
I also love a good guitar, drum or bass solo and I love Kung-Fu/ninja movies.
I don't really care if these are guy things I love them and my hubby thinks they're hot!

Unknown said...

Haha! Fantastic post Joss :-)

I was a very girly little girl, however I was able to indetify all types of cars when we strolled a street in the city when I was 4! I loved cars and still do, but nowadays it's more sports cars I love, my dream car is a Porsche, so sleek and elegant!

I also love driving a stick!

Oh and I love to fight! Love the thrill of it, the rush of adrenaline, taht sense of having to stick up for yourself. Maybe I'm used to it and love it because I have 2 sisters with whom we used to wrestle each other constantly.

I also love meat! I'm not one of those women who only eat a few leaves of lettuce when they go out, no, I eat as much as I feel like eating. And love my steak and ribs :-)

And despite all of this I'm a very girly high heels and lipstick kinda girl :-D

Buffy said...

The F-bomb is one of my all time things to drop. I curse like a sailor. So, if your effed then I am too. Yay for all of us.

I'm like Stella, a carnivore. I can also eat men under the table. Oh yeah and I do so love blood and guts, thus the special effects makeup career, which is primarily a man's career.

Tynga said...

I am a huge hockey fan. I'm the kind of girl to yell and cheer alone in front of the TV. I listen to hockey on the radio if it's a night I'm working. And I own enough T-Shirt/Jersey so I can wear one every game night for a week without having to do the laundry for a clean one.

It's not rare that on a saturday night I'm watching hockey while my BF is washing the dishes. lol

nymfaux said...

Mmmmm, definitely agree with Stella, am a meat and potatoes girl, practically a carnivore--and I like it medium rare, but love it when it's juicy and red and bleeding. And before I switched to ground turkey, I would eat a little piece (or a couple) of raw hamburger whenever I was cooking something...

Also, I've known a lot of guys who take WAY longer, and are WAY fussier than me getting ready...

Maree Anderson said...

I drop the f-bomb and then feel terrible because I'm told it's such an unladylike thing to do. But you're right: it's earthy, it's strong and it's satisfying. And there's no other word like it! So thank you! Not feeling so bad about my word-choices now ;-)

Tynga said...

I was thinking about your F bomb, and I don't know if it's because the culture is different here. But It's really not a big deal for a girl to say it. And we actually have a wide range of powerfull world in Quebec Slang that you can mix & match to your needs lol

Helen Lowe said...

Well, I swear--altho' that's not a guy thing where I come from--but I try not to, when I can catch myself ... So of course (grins) I have adopted the Battlestar Galactica (contemporary version, not '80s) word "frack", so expressive and useful and you know, not technically a swear word. _Technically!_ (Grins.)

I have a second dan black belt in aikido though--does that count as a guy thing? I know that there were always far more men training (25:75% was about the best ever female to male training ratio.) So it probably counts. And I love drinking/tasting/reading about wine--and that's definitely a guy thing, just not exclusively!

Crystal @ RBtWBC said...

Great post! And if you're all effed up then we must be as well! I don't see anything wrong with anything that's been posted or think it's a 'guy's only' thing. But then I tend to hang out with the boys more myself and was a total tom boy as a kid, much to my mother's dismay. She had to buy school pictures with me holding skate boards instead of teddy bears, LoL.
I love red meat, lots of grease, watching sports, loud music, fast cars and big trucks. BUT I cannot go anywhere without my lip gloss. Kind of balances it out. =)
And I have been trying to work on, and get my husband to as well, my swearing since having kids. The little things are like parrots, sheesh.

Juliana Stone said...

LOL great post Joss. um, you are coming to the karoke thing in Orlando right? We can rock da house! As far as cursing goes...I try not to do it in front of my mother or my children, but in this hectic life we all seem to lead the F bomb sometimes is the only word to use. I have many variations of it in fact...Might have to treat you to a couple in Orlando! I love to drive stick, I play the drums, baseball and golf...Love my Nikki Sixx, Metallica and Kings of Leaon...beer and Canadian Rye are a must...so there! :-)

Sharon S. said...

I stopped the foul language when I had kids. Before kids..I played Foosball in high school and collage (met my husband that way). You could only find good competition at bars. 99% of the time I was the only girl playing, but I was good. I love meat and blow'em up movies. I also love sparring (taekwondo).

Way to go on the aikido Helen! Feels good to be able to defend yourself.

Nicole Murphy said...

There are times when the f-bomb is THE word. Although I often cringe when I say it in front of my mum...

I'm actually getting girlier as I get older - I grew up with two brothers, so if I wanted to have company at home I had to do the guy-thing. At high school, was always more comfortable talking sport with the guys then guys with the girls :)

I think I can do both now - talk with guys and gals - and I'm the happier for it.

Sweet Rachel! said...

I am more into Cars than my Fiance, and don't mess with me during a soccer game. When driving I come up with the oddest things to call other drivers. My friends usually find it very funny but I just HATE stupid drivers. I also teach martial arts. Not many female teachers.

Joss Ware said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who loves the F-bomb. Is this the new wave of feminism?

I mean, it seems as if only a few years ago, it would be totally uncouth for a woman to say it. Now, everyone says it. And, as I mentioned in my post, I prefer it to other cursewords.

It's really not even a curseword. So I don't feel bad using it at all.

But I try not to use it in front of my kids or mom as well.

And for me...and for my heroines...I love that balance of girlie stuff with the strong, unexpected side: the F word, driving a stick, etc.

Guys don't have a monopoly on that, at least not any more!

Thanks for all the posts. Love hearing about the balance between girly and guy! You all rock!

And Juliana, really, much as I would love to take the stage and sing karaoke, you DON'T want me to! Although, I'm tempted.

Libby said...

"well, that's nice" is used here in the South instead of "eff u!" It's a joke - but it's true! I use the word. I'm an adult & if my mom hears it - I still get a, "pretty girls don't use that language" (it's a Southern thing) that is such BS to me. I do say the f word. I'm goofing around this summer & saying other words instead of that as a joke. (anyone have any recommendations?) The f word isn't a "curse word" to me. I just slip & say it in front of my mom ;)

The "c" word you used - now that I never say. There are a few other words I never say, too.

Anyone remember the show Father Ted & how they said feck? (hope that's ok to post!)

I curse like a sailor & it's funny here where I live - I have said things before & Girlygirls have looked at me like I was growing an arm out of my nose! (not that there is anything wrong with girlygirl - but I'm talking about a certain group I know. Hehe

Love this post

Crystal @ RBtWBC said...

Speaking of Orlando I just have to say; YAY! I can't wait to meet you guys on the 28th! Woohoo! I have my book's-to-get-list and authors-to-meet list all ready! LoL

GB said...

I swear like a trooper. I'm just really lucky me and my potty mouth haven't been caught out by the boss at work, but my colleagues are used to it, as are my friends and family.

I do try to limit my use of the c-bomb as I know that most people find that offensive, but I'm not bothered.

I drive a stick (we call it a manual, as in transmission, here in Oz), I can tell the difference between a Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon just by looking at the grill and shocked my mother senseless when she first heard me yell/swear at an idiot driver (she's used to it now). As a kid, I wanted Tonka trucks for my Barbie dolls but had to settle for rally driving the super pink corvette. I like my meat rare. I draw the line at beer only because beer and I don't get along very well. Vodka, on the other hand...

And I squee over new shoes. I love wearing dresses out. Hand cream and lip gloss have to fit in with my other essentials into any new handbag. :)