Sunday, August 8, 2010

fun at san diego comic-con international!

hello supernatural book-loving fans! i thought i'd spend this month's posting opportunity by sharing some fotos and experiences from this summer's comic-con festivities! i was only there for two days-- as i find the con quite overwhelming! i went on friday in costume then on sunday to moderate a YA ANGST panel with some awesome authors!

*me and megan whalen turner, author of newbery
honor The Thief, Queen of Attolia, King of Attolia
and A Conspiracy of Kings. one of my favorite series
and one of my favorite people! we're at the harpercollins
booth. you can see merrie's awesome debut poster for
Afterlife behind us. i was bummed i missed out on her
paranormal panel.

*my pirate soulmate saw me in costume and
asked for a foto! he lent me his gun as he thought
i was weaponless, but i had a dagger in my right
boot. (you can see the tip of it in this foto. =)
i take my costumes very seriously!

*the day ended with a fancy party thrown
by penguin called "fangfest". it was a lot of
fun and although i was there only briefly,
i got to catch up with margie stohl and
kami garcia (Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful
Darkness) as well as meet heather (The Chronicles
of Vladmir Tod series) and her son.

*sunday was my comic-con panel and i had
awesome authors on it! [me, james owen, emily
drake, nancy holder, kathy reichs, d. j. machale,
neal shusterman and michael spradlin.] foto
courtesy of liz's blog.

i managed to end the panel on time after some great
discussion and questions, and herded the audience
and authors to the open signing area without a hitch.
*pats self on back* =D

*the calm before the signing.

*a view of our line and the readers waiting

we managed to get a group foto after it
was all said it done. the signing was run
by mysterious galaxy and i always have fun at
their events--it was such a pleasure meeting
these new authors. i've been introduced and read
many great books because of this! [kathy reichs,
me, james owen, d. j. machale, michael spradlin,
nancy holder and patrick from mysterious galaxy!]


Melissa said...

Fun! Thanks for sharing the event with those of us who could not go!

nymfaux said...

WOW!!!!! Cindy that looks like so much fun!!!! That's so awesome that you were a panelist!!!!

cindy said...

melissa, do you think you'll ever make it out one of these years?

thanks nym! it was loads of fun--but i can't imagine being there for 4 days straight. it's intense!!! and they have some great author/book panels--i think it's only getting better too!

Helen Lowe said...

Glad you had such a great time, Cindy--love the costume and am sure your panel was awesome. I am off to Worldcon early next month and am really looking forward to it.

Crystal said...

That looks like so much fun! I want to go so bad and hopefully I'll make it out one year. Thanks for sharing!
And I loved your pirate costume too, awesome!

Pamela Palmer said...

What fun, Cindy! Love your pirate costume.

Terri Garey said...

You got some great pics, Cindy, and I can't wait to hang out with you in person, girl! :-) You look like someone who knows how to have fun in the middle of all that work!

ComicCon looks overwhelming, but fun. Thanks for taking all the pics, and sharing the experience with us - particularly loved the shots of you in costume, and Merrie's poster!

Sharon S. said...

can't believe how long the lines are for a signing, but oh, the people watching opportunities! One day I will make a con. Thanks for the pics. Love the pirate costume. I would definitely wear a costume too .

cindy said...

helen, wow, have a blast a worldcon!!

thanks pamela and terri. i'm pretty sure merrie was there longer than i was and had a fantastic time! i'm local so can sort of come and go as please each year.

sharon, the con is all about lines. some 2 - 4 hours long! our signing line wasn't too long compared to some others!!

and thanks for the pirate costume compliment everyone. hee!

Merrie Destefano said...

So awesome to see all of your photos, Cindy! Now I'm wondering about those costume pics I saw of you over on the Eos FB page. Were they from another year or did you have 2 different costumes?

Just like Terri, I can't wait to hang out with you in person. I have a feeling I'd be laughing a lot!

And you're so right about those lines! Wow. They were long. What amazed me was how calm and sweet everyone was, no matter how long they had to wait.

Loved Comic Con. Missed not seeing you.


Nicole Murphy said...

Thanks for sharing, Cindy. ComicCon is definitely on my list of dream cons to get to in America. along with RWA, World Fantasy, DragonCon... I think I need to move Stateside :)

Jennifer Milligan said...

Cindy, you look so fabulous in your pirate costume. Squishy, wish I could have been there. (And you asked for squishy in a sentence, you didn't say how to use it. I choose expletive, squishy!)

One of these years I'm going to make it to a con. I've got a book here that I need to get you to sign. =P

Moonsanity said...

What a cool experience this must have been. So, did you ask Kathy Reichs about the set of Bones, particular being around David Boreanaz? Not that YOU don't look awesome and don't hang out with some cool people, because you do:) *snicker*

cindy said...

oh merrie, that must have been when i was dressed as chun li LAST year. i was super famous as chun li. she's from streetfighter. =D

nicole, too many cons, too little funds and time!!

jennifer, squishy you back! hee!

moonsanity, alas i did not. she was super nice tho!

Didi Tee said...

That was very cool. Didn't see you in costume. bummer.

BTW, the biggest surprise was seeing Kathy Reichs on the panel. I was like, wait, that's her? what was she doing at a YA panel? Wow, how awesome and couldn't wait to ask about Bones but didn't.

At least nobody turned squishy that day from all the fans that showed up and couldn't wait to sing praises for the authors.

Oh, and the moderator wasn't bad at all. :D

Chloe said...

Comic-Con was so fun!! Great seeing you :D I'm so glad none of the books I picked up got squished in my bag...

cindy said...

didi and chloe *squishes* you. hehe!!

didi, i really enjoyed the Virals YA book. i think reichs crossed over wonderfully.

Travis said...

Love the pirate costume! *squish*

beingadilettante said...

You are so adorable in your costume, I kind of just want to SQUISH you!

The weekend looks like it was a lot of fun.

Lorena said...


Comic-Con was SO much fun this year! My only regret was not going to nearly as many panels with writers/publishers (like the one you moderated). So little time, so much Con!

Soap Box in My Mind said...

Looks like you had a *squish*y time! My friend had a cousin attend. Here's a link to his previewed pitch if you'd like to check it out.

Thanks for sharing!

Oobzie said...

I want to hug you until you go squish. That squishy post made me "squish" I was there even more. It's okay if you squish me for that horrible pun. Squishity squishity squish squish squish. That last "squish filled" sentence wasn't actually a setence.

Lucy said...

Looks like I missed a great squishy panel! I was at Comic Con but unable to attend your panel, Cindy. I met you last year in that same autograph line last year while I was meeting Alyson Noel. And that is when I found out about Silver Phoenix!

Hope to see you there next year! Love your excellent costume! :)

cindy said...

i love all the squishyness! hee!

nymfaux said...

awww--You're the squishiest!!!

XxSarahxX said...

Well, im realy excited about reading SIlver Pheonix!!! :D that looked like so much fun. thaks for sharing it. :)

John The Bookworm said...

The dagger in your boot is pure genius! One should always make their costumes like that. I am so jealous that you got to hang with some authors like that. Like squish. That is the squish. The squishiest squish. >:P

Every time I read your blog I want Silver Pheonix even more! IT'S TOO MUCH!!

Michele Thornton said...

Wow, you must have had to really squish those books into your luggage.

Michelle McLean said...

It looked like you had a blast :) I love your costume, too! Beautiful :) I'd love to run around dressed like that, though doubt I could SQUISH into one of those corsets :D

Christine said...

You know, I think you and the mysterious galaxy authors did a great job of squishing together for that last photo! Don't you hate the photo squish when there are too many people? ;)

Joan Strading said...

Too much fun! I was envious when I learned James was going (his brother is married to my sister), and now that I know you were there too, I'm even more envious.

That's okay, I'm not sure I could have been in those squishy lines! I tend to get a little claustrophobic.

The costume is GREAT!! Maybe someday I'll make it to a Con.

Necie said...

I am so attending comic con next year even if I have to squish a bunch of things to make it happen