Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm Done and uh, where did the Summer Go?

First off, I can't believe it's September. Can't! Where the hell did the summer go? And Earl???? Glad he blew away since he pretty much ruined our Labour Day weekend with gusty winds and rain....See ya!

The summer of 2010 did indeed slip by and I didn't notice. But I was in the throes of deadline hell. I've written 2 books since March...handed in Julian's book His Darkest Salvation and just finished Declan's--yes, Wicked Road to Hell is finally done. What a freaking relief! Holy Crap but I never want to be on such a tight deadline in the summer again! My only relief? Sunday nights watching True Blood!

Alcide Anyone???? This is my kind of man, dark, ripped and a little rough around the edges!

But the good news is that TV is all shiny and new, starting with tonight~! Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

I Juliana, the cougar, love, love, love The Vampire Diaries. (okay, the chick that plays, could you be any more perfect?) my fave vamp being Damon of course.

I love how for me the focus has shifted to the darker brother. The bad boys will get you every single time my friends! They have depths to them that require a lot of digging, but when you finally get "there" I think it is so much more rewarding.

The other show I am looking forward to is Supernatural! It freaking rocks!

Yes, two brothers who've been gifted by the genetic gods of yumminess!
Who's your fave? Sam or Dean?
I don't have a lot of time for television but these two are musts. I did discover Criminal Minds over the last Christmas break.....A&E has marathons on the weekend and I think in the last six months I've seen every single episode.
So, What shows are you guys most anxious to see return? Any you've given up on? (for me this would be Grey's Anatomy and Bones)


Hoshino Ai said...

Hi, I just found about about your amazing new book, Firelight, and I'm so eager to start reading it soon. I personally love dragon mythology, and I know it'll be a great read. I'm an aspiring writer myself, and I hope to be able to match yours and others success someday. Thanks, and best of luck. ^_^

Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

Ooh what a pleasant surprise to admire in the morning!! Love the Salvatore and Winchester brothers! Damon and Dean are my faves!

Don't have HBO so I have to wait for the DVD to see Alcide. Pic looks good though!

Juliana Stone said...

LOL Thanks Hoshino AI but Firelight is by the uber talented Sohpie Jordan! I write the Jaguar Warriors (His Darkest Hunger and HIs Darkest Embrace)

And good luck on your writing career!

Brenda Hyde said...

Sam and Dean...sigh. I can't choose. Seriously, they are both so yummy. LOL

Bones is my must watch-- Haven is my new favorite. I just love everything about it. Covert Affairs is a new one that I love too. I don't have HBO but I'm getting True Blood from Netflix this fall. I have MUCH to catch up on:)

Sharon S. said...
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Sharon S. said...

I have been a Dean girl since the beginning of the series. *Love it. I did have a brief affair with Castiel, but I came back to Dean . I like Chuck too. Don't have HBO, but I saw season 1 of TrueBlood. I've avoided it since cause I kept comparing it to the books and was disappointed, but with the introduction of Alcide....whoa, I need to rethink ;)

(that was one of my favorite Dean moments and the one where he sings Eye of the Tiger)

nymfaux said...

Congrats on meeting your deadlines!!!! You definitely deserve to relax!!!!

I'm totally with you for Grey's and Bones!!!!!! I've been hearing SO MUCH juicy gossip--for both, but especially Grey's--I can't wait. Lifetime was showing three hours of Grey's a day, they've cut down to two, and I've just been hanging on by the reruns!

Patricia Lynne said...

As insane as it might sound, I don't have TV. we have some rabbit ears that get the Canadian stations and we never watch those. My bf and I get all our TV goodness from netflix and hulu. But there is one must for me and I squeed when Juliana mentioned it. Criminal Minds. I love, love, love the show! Anything that's got serial killers and profiling in it I devour. Every other show out there, I really don't care, but I have every season of Criminal Minds (and made special trips to the store to get said show too) I love that show, if they added vampires I would die of happiness! Although there is an episode in season 5 that sorta has to do w/ vampires (anyone who's read Adriane Phoenix's rush of wings will see parallels to the episode and her book)

Terri Garey said...

You've given up on BONES? Sacrilege!! :-)

I am definitely a Dean girl, and as for Alcide....*wipes drool*... I just found out there's going to be a True Blood convention in Orlando in December, and am considering going just because he's one of the "special guests"! LOL

Thanks for the eye candy, Jules!

I haven't seen Vampire Diaries yet, but you may have just tempted me over the edge, just to see the brothers... I know I'll already like the bad one. :-)

nymfaux said...

I can't stop thinking about Vampire Diaries, now that everyone's talking about it. I'm so conflicted, because in the books, I always went for Stefan, but on the show I love Damon--Stefan just seems too wussy/angsty, and of course Damon is freakin' HOT! In the books, I always pictured both the brothers more similar to the tv Damon, just one was good and one evil--and tv Stephan just doesn't work for me. Anyone else?

Barbara E. said...

I've given up on all the reality stuff, except American Chopper. I'm looking forward to Castle (love Nathan Fillion),Bones, Chuck and The Good Wife. And I just heard Sanctuary is returning on Syfy Sept 28th.

Juliana Stone said...

Sorry Terrey! I only have so much time for tv and Bones doesn't cut it anymore.....sick of the back and forth between Booth and Bones...But omg good reason to return to Orlando....if you go try to grab Joe's bum ok? for me?

nymfaux said...

@Juliana---don't give up on Bones yet!!!!---I was reading some gossip yesterday, and it sounded like after all the back and forth, and the time apart, Bones might finally be ready for some forth!!!!

I know I'm crossing my fingers!!!!

Juliana Stone said...

well that might drag me back....I meah, Bones needs to get some ya know...bones...LOL Boothe Bones!

nymfaux said...
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nymfaux said...

@Juliana :) Sorry!!!--But my source is pretty reliable (EW Aussiello files)--I totally agree that Bones needs some Booth *bones*--Like I said, I'm crossing my fingers!!!!

Cylver said...

I'm in a bit of a TV-watching dilemma. Maybe it's a curse, but every time I start watching a new show from the beginning, it invariably gets canceled! Do Blood Ties, Moonlight, Reaper and Pushing Daisies ring any bells?? SO, I only watch shows that have been around a while, but then they make no sense to me, since I missed the beginning because of my curse! As for shows I'm waiting to see again, well True Blood is technically still on (one eppy to go!), but I know I'll be waiting with baited breath to see more Eric! Also looking forward to the third season of Being Human (cuz there is no such thing as too much Mitchell. And of course I love George and Annie too!

Crystal @ RBtWBC said...

Oh Alcide, how you've made Sunday nights so pleasurable. I can't believe this Sunday is the last of the season. =( What will I do with my Sunday nights now? Tragic

And so with the bad boy love!
Team Damon all the way!

I don't watch much TV though, so don't really have an answer. The only thing I can think of starting up again that I do watch is Survivor. Hopefully they'll have some hotties on this season.
It looks like I must check out this Supernatural though. ;)

I'm looking forward to more Jaguar Warriors, keep the greatness coming!

@Terri; True Blood convention in Orlando in December?!?! WITH ALCIDE?!?! I must be there!!!

Claire Dawn said...

Oh how I miss WEstern tv. I think when I'm home for Christmas, I'll spend a significant portion of my vacay vegging in front of the tv.

Terri Garey said...

@Crystal: Oh, yeah! Check out this link: True Blood Convention

Sam will be there, too. :-)

Melissa said...

The website states the convention is November 5-7 - not December. I live about 90 minutes away.....hmmm might have to make a run over there.

Katie Dalton said...

agreed. Grey's is dead to me at this point. :(
I am excited to check out the new Law and Order coming up this month. Do we need more of this show? No. But its sooo good I cant seem to care. lol
TB is the show I am addicted to and yes that wolf is finger lickin good!