Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lost in Translation

I have been so swamped lately that I have had little time for anything. I have recently done one of the most stressful things in a person’s life, buying my first home. Then there was the moving and the never ends. So far this year has been horrendous for me, but it looks like it’s about to settle coming into the second half.
So now I’m settled into my house - I can go back the important things, like reading and writing. Especially the latter. But the former is equally important too. I find my imagination fires and words flow more freely when I read. Usually when I am working on a story, I don’t read in the genre I write. I don’t want to be inadvertently influenced by what I am reading.
So at the moment I am re-reading an old favourite - Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. I love this book. It has everything, sex, greed, deceit, betrayal, intrigue, love AND dragons. But what I really love about this book is the characters. And now there is a TV series. Unfortunately I live in Australia, so I will have to wait a little while before we get it down here. 

However it got me thinking how they could translate this story to another medium. From all that I heard and the snippets and sneak peaks that I have seen – it looks like they are doing it very well. Book to TV series adaptions I have seen like Dexter and True Blood do not really follow the books. And it’s okay. It’s like they take the essence of the series and the character and create slightly to downright different story lines. But it doesn’t detract from the books at all even if they are different.
Me and George R.R. Martin at Aussiecon 4 2010
The Game of Thrones is a different beasty. The story is so intricately woven and has complexities in the plot that could take the story on an entirely different path if not followed. The story is still unfolding in book form, theories abound about where it will go. Questions still lie unanswered like who is Jon Snow’s mother (I have my own theories on this) that one slip could bring the story undone.
The other thing I am worried about are how my beloved characters are betrayed. Including some of my favourites which include:

Jon Snow - the bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell (or is he???) with his constant companion the silent white direwolf called Ghost.

Tyrion Lannister - the Imp - the very cunning and extremely intelligent son of a brutish lord and brother-in-law to the King.

Arya Stark - the plucky and courageous daughter of Lord Stark and Jon Snow's half sister (maybe), who goes on a perilous adventure

Daenerys Targaryen - the khaleesi of the Dothraki and mother of dragons.

There are so many more characters - so many more that I love and hate and sometimes even both. For now I will not worry about how the TV series will play out. I will just enjoy being lost in the world of Ice and Snow. 

Winter is coming...


Katie Dalton said...

This does look really cool. Too bad I don't have HBO *sigh* Will have to netflix it

Tracey O'Hara said...

Katie - I think I will have to wait until the series is released on DVD. Then I can sit and watch it all at once :)

Sharon S. said...

Stephen King books rarely make good movies or TV. The Shinning worked. Some of his short stories did well too like Shawshank Redemption and Stand by Me. They are now starting to film The Dark Tower series by King. This series is epic! 7 books long. I am very curious to see how they manage this .

Congrats on your new home Tracey. Moving is a chance to throw out the old! We had a massive moving sale a while back. It was nice getting rid of all that stuff!

Tracey O'Hara said...

Sharon - it is a great oppurtunity. We hired a giant trash skip and easuly filled it and some. I know what you mean about Stephen King stories - and I agree - his shorts are done the best. I think they did well with The Green Mile and the Langoliers - both shorts - both done well.

Merrie Destefano said...

I'm SO glad you got all moved into your new wonderful home and I hope you can get settled and get back to writing. Yay, we need more Tracey books!

I really wish I could watch Game of Thrones too. Unfortunately I don't have HBO. I opted for Showtime so I could watch Dexter, which hasn't even been on lately. Grrrr.

But I know what you mean about reading. I'm hoping to get time to dig into some books I bought recently. I've been on a book-buying spree, but haven't had time to read any of them. Argh.

Hugs and congrats again on your move!

Sharon S. said...

Oh, oh, oh! Tracey, once you get your "writing space" set up, take a pic for us before you trash it like Terri has done to hers (she showed a picture on her blog).

Terri Garey said...

I haven't seen this yet, but I'm DYING to! Husband doesn't like fantasy themed shows (boo!!!) so I have to sneak them in when he's not around.

Sharon, the landfill that is my office is getting bigger by the day! :)

Helen Lowe said...

Hey Tracey,

So glad you made the big move and hope you love your new home. A first home-of-one's-own is really special, I think--and I second Sharon on the writer's space pics.

Like you, I adore A Game of Thrones--and also have my theories on Jon Snow's parentage--did we talk about this at Worldcon? And again like you, I also have to wait to see the series, probably until it comes out on dvd given the terrible programming choices made by the NZ channels (there's a reason why I "so" don't watch tv.:))

Jocelynn Drake said...

Congrats on the new house! I purchased my first house a few years ago and it was terrifying.

Game of Thrones is on the top of my list of books to read. I just need to squeeze out the time. I don't currently have HBO so I won't catch the series until it hits DVD.

Nicole Murphy said...

The whole idea of adaptations of books intrigues me greatly - what can you play with and still be true to the book or what completely ruins it?

Just read the short story The Curious Case of Benjamin Button yesterday and the only connection to the movie - there's a bloke called Benjamin Button who is born an old man and becomes a baby. Otherwise, it's an entirely new world in the movie. I actually prefer the story - there's a bittersweetness there that was lost when the movie turned it into a tragic love story.

Think I'll try to read the books before I get to see Game of Thrones. Although lord knows how long that will take - I'm STILL waiting for Season 3 of True Blood to come out on DVD. *sob*

Tracey O'Hara said...

Thanks everyone for the congrats on the house.

Terri - just watch it in your own. I have some series I watch by myself and some I share with my hubby. I like both.

Helen - yes - lets share our theroies - :))

Jocelynn - it is an awesome series. Just awesome - but know what you mean about trying to find the time.

Nicole - I know what you mean. It is disappointing. I felt the same way about I am Number Four. And in a way Brokeback Mountain - even though it followed the book I felt the movie beefed up the romance and lost the raw emotion of the story.

nymfaux said...

Congrats on the house!!!--and I SO sympathize with the moving!!!

We've been recording Game of Thrones on our dvr, then saving up a couple of episodes to watch all at once--We just started tonight and I AM LOVING IT!!!!--I REALLY want to read the books NOW!!! But back when Legend of the Seeker came out on tv I was hooked right away, went and picked up all the books, devoured them, and couldn't watch another episode of the show because it was too wrong and too different--so now I'm afraid of having the same thing happen...and debating whether I should at least wait out the season, or just chance it!!!

and after just one episode, I, too, was wondering about Jon Snow's mother and father--I swear they were giving some hints, but I don't know if it's about his mother or father--but since you guys are still talking about it, I'm extra extra curious!!!!!