Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HIs Darkest Salvation, the journey to get here.

Next Tuesday, His Darkest Salvation, the last book in my Jaguar Warriors trilogy releases and I have to be honest, this morning as I sat to compose this post I had a moment. A wow, I can't believe it moment! You see a few years ago if you'd have told me I'd be writing a series for a major New York publisher I would have thought you crazy.

Don't get me wrong. Storytelling has always been a part of my life whether in words or music, but to actually do it? Nah, I'd never thought I'd pursue it seriously. I mean, what was the point? Thousands of people submit written work every day and thousands get rejected. Did I actually think I'd be one of the ones that wasn't? I think that's the point really. How would I know if I didn't try.

So, when the time was right--the kids were in school full time and my life had settled somewhat--I decided to go for it. I'd been reading a lot of paranormal books, something that was new to me but that I'd really enjoyed. Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lynsay Sands...they'd all created worlds and characters that left me wanting more. That's when I decided if I was going to write a book, it needed to be paranormal romance.

I'd been lurking about online and knew that I'd need to come up with something fresh and I decided shifters were the way to go. Werewolves were already out there but I came across pictures and lore about Jaguars. Aztecs and Mayans oh my! I fell in love instantly.

His Darkest Hunger came to me with an opening scene. My hero--an assasin--about to take out his former lover and the woman he beleived betrayed him. That was it. One opening scene but it started the ball rolling and my Jaguar Warriors were born!

It's been a crazy ride. I've met so many awesome people and am eternally grateful that an agent and editor saw promise in my work.

And now His Darkest Salvtion is releasing, I have a new series starting next year. LIfe is Good!

In honour of my latest release I've got all sorts of good things happening, but first some info about the book!

You can read the first several chapters on line HERE before the book hits the shelves!

In a world on the brink of chaos, passion and vengeance collide …

After six months in hell, Julian Castille has returned to the world a changed man. No longer the calm, powerful CEO, but a shifter fully embraced by the blood of his clan. Julian has one goal: find the key to the portal that stands between the human realm and unprecedented darkness—and win back the pieces of his soul. The last thing he needs is a distraction like the beautiful, enigmatic Jaden DaCosta.

Three years ago, a forbidden night of passion left Jaden forever altered: mated to Julian Castille–bound to a man who despises her. But the temptation to trust this darker, more savage—and more captivating—Julian is overwhelming. And as they fight for their immortal souls, their insatiable desire for each other may prove their fatal undoing…

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I'm also doing a blog tour and prizes will be awarded, the deets are HERE

So, long winded post but I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who's helped me get to where I am! You all rock!


Sharon said...

Yeah! For you. It always amazes me that authors can have just one scene in their head and then turn it into a whole novel. I guess that is why they are authors . Here is to another successful release!

Juliana Stone said...

LOL, that's the pantser in me. I've since learned I need a bit of the plotter as well!

AA Bell said...

Wow, looks great Sharon! I'll skip on over to goodreads and try to grab a copy... thank goodness for advance ordering! :))

AA Bell said...

Forgot to ask... do u know if there'll be a boxed/shrinkwrapped set deal available?

Nicole Murphy said...

Congrats, Juliana - I hope it goes blazingly well for you.