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In the darkest shade @ThePoetTrees

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Plato said; Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history.
      Poetic prose included. In fact, any writing that expresses a raw emotion or insight into humanity is arguably poetic - whether it's seen through the eyes of a human, or a supernatural creature in fiction.
      So yes, that includes quotes from our favourite books, songs, computer games and movies. It includes the first liners from our favourites that are great hooks for sucking us in to the rest of the series… and the punch lines that leave us reeling, long after we’ve forgotten the rest of the story. It even includes “wow words” from YOU, oh shy one lurking back there in the darkest shadows… whether you consider yourself to be a writer or not. You see things, hear things, and over time, you process and reinterpret from your own perspective. You collect memories as lessons in life, and that intrigues me.
Everything we see is a perspective... - Marcus Aurelius
I don’t see the world the same way that you do. A sight malfunction developed during my teens, and impedes me - the same kind of “lens distortion” that inspired my Diamond Eyes trilogy in the first place. And while I can’t see through time like my heroine, Mira Chambers, the condition still served as the source of inspiration for the Poet Trees (Mira’s childhood home), where wise words have been embossed in pretty gold Braille to help keep her out of trouble – usually.
First Poet Tree in the World, created by a fan at Alice Springs, in central Australia -
It's on a tree called a "ghost gum" which is especially spooky, not only because of the "ghostly" way Mira sees through Time, but also because these trees really do glow like ghosts  under moonlight...
and the Braille says: 2C is 2Know... Amen, sister!
In a perfect world, every city would have a Poet Tree – a place where local writers could leave behind their insights as entertainment and lessons for future generations. In the real world, we call it a library.
So like an alien  or supernatural creature who's studying your species, I’m already breathless, waiting for your next move to entertain me. Quit being so darn quiet and grab this fleeting moment to say something startling… or I’ll have to poke you. ;)
Hide inside a Halloween costume, if that’s what it takes to express the most insightful side of you this month. But do it! Read, write, regurgitate. Share the one-liners that have meant something special to you, or to your own fans.
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So don't forget to include a short link to the book itself, where we can buy it, and/or read a sample.

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