Monday, November 19, 2012

Super Tweeting with Royalty

November already? 
We're thinking about gifts for friends, right? 

GR8! Coz I've got freebies for everybody 
FINE PRINT: ... the first 5000, anyway.

but back up... Let's recap. 

My agent finally dragged me, kicking and screaming, to join twitter... 
Twelve years as a bestselling writer... "I don't need no freakin tweeter!"

It took me a whole day to learn the lingo, but then I hooked up with the other authors here on the Supernatural Underground and...

 Boom Baby!...

It went ballistic!

Playing around, I discovered I could spice up my tweets with "art" using the old ASCII codes that I learned waaaay back in highschool to embed symbols... and then Tweet Royalty, including Henry Winkler... asked how, so I replied to him...

... and that led me to SF Royalty Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner and Buzz Aldrin...

I even peeked in on THE QUEEN!...

... okay, faux Queen. Too funny to be real.... I hope. 

I also found a HILARIOUS Prank by LG that demonstrates what it's like for my character Mira, every time she gets in an elevator, and it moves in a direction different to the one in the time-line she can actually see.

(When link goes down for daily maintenance, see

And then I went exploring for more useful twit-bits and discovered
why the facebook feedback dried up suddenly (for ALL authors) after the compulsory switch to timelines...

... and in the process, I picked up over 1000 followers in my FIRST MONTH!

I've discovered over a thousand new clubs, groups and magazines who love SF & Fantasy as much as us! I've discovered radio stations and magazines keen to speak to us... and best of all, I'm hooking up with more fans than I ever knew were out there.

I'm hooked, I'll confess. Twitter is a fast, friendly world that (at first) made facebook seem like an old note-book diary, buried six feet under with my skeleton... and then twitter changed that too!!

In the process of setting up my Tweet Homepage
I also learned how to revitalise my New FaceBook Page
and my Friends Page (with a different style with split-pics)...
and then they all inspired me to makeover my private website!

[Bet u can't find the secret page with the embarrassing pic of me. LOL]

But best of all, my top lesson from twitter is:
HOW to Send Amazing Electronic Autographs to my Fans!

... and THAT's how I can afford to send FREEBIES to EVERYBODY this month!



AA Bell said...

p.s. Forgot to mention my brush with Obama... ON ELECTION DAY!!

ACCIDENTALLY... while tweeting to a friend (abbreviating coz we only get 140 characters per tweet)... I recommended my publishers @ Harper... which twitter converted to @Harper... which just happens to be the Head Guy for Obama's IT Team... who replied with a joke... and then it was on with jokes back n forth... until we realized it was election day for him... and only 3 hours to the big announcement!

AA Bell said...

Oh... and in my first week, I even made it behind the Great Firewall of China and reached over 330,000 starving English-language readers with 1 tweet!

Dark Matter said...

I was there - with @Harper and can confirm! Anita's ASCII codes are unique in my stream :-)