Monday, August 1, 2016

Why hello, August... A brief reflection on kindness, laughter, & cake

This time last month I was eagerly awaiting the release of Kim Falconer's new book The Blood in the Beginning -- and particularly looking forward to my Twitter interview with Kim re the book and her heroine-of-awesome, Ava Sykes.

Together, we had some fun with that and I hope you did, too. If you missed the event, you can still check it out via the Twitter hashtag #thebloodinthebeginning Since we also shared in the big cover reveal for Merrie Destefano's forthcoming book, Lost Girls, that makes July a pretty tough Supernatural Underground act to follow -- so I decided I wouldn't even try. ;-)

Coffee cake
Instead, I thought I'd like to share this fun and cool thought from one of my favourite calendars: Leigh Standley's The World According To Curly Girl (they're great, so do check them out!):

"A great many things can be resolved with kindness (hear, hear!)
even more with laughter (true dat)
but there are some things that just require cake."

Lemon cake
Ah, now you're talking my here are a few of my favorite cake pics to make the point, even if no further emphasis is really required.

You could, dear Supernatural Undergrounders, just enjoy some virtual cake via the images. :)

Or you could, if you feel so inclined, let me know (via the comments) some of the circumstances that you feel "just require cake"...

Date & walnut torte
Chocolate (Intense) cake
And last but never least...

Orange cake.

Mmmmm, delicious...


Kim Falconer said...

Helen, I love the post.

Cake moment of the month --> deadline for copy is due, the internet is down, your password to the upload site failed three times and you're locked out on the borrowed laptop, in an internet cafe you don't even like.

That's when it's time for Intense Chocolate, or maybe that Orange Cake with cream!

I feel so uplifted just thinking about it!

Thank you.

Helen Lowe said...

Kim, those circumstances definitely call for cake! I always think, too, that cake can be the very best motivator and pick-me-up when you've been on a long and demanding project and just need a little something more to get you and the rest of the team over the line.

Am also very much of the view that a good cake shared adds exponentially to the happiness quotient of the world. Which may be why I make so many of them. ;-)

Amanda Arista said...

This totally speaks to me right now. I'm editing my WF calls "The Evil Ex's Bake Club" and have been fighting the urge to bake for a month. I'm not going to fight it any more!
These cakes look amazing!

Helen Lowe said...

Thanks, Amanda -- I definitely support baking! :)

And I would love if all we Supernatural Undergrounders got together in realtime 'somewhen' over cake and coffee -- or even something stronger! :)