Saturday, August 26, 2017

We're Looking Forward To — A Guest Post By Genre Enthusiast, Paul Weimer!

SU guest blogger: Paul Weimer
The SU team is thrilled to be announcing a guest post by genre enthusiast, Paul Weimer, coming up on September 1.

The title of Paul's guest post is:

“In Appreciation: Building on the Past — Helen Lowe’s Wall of Night.”

Helen Lowe:
SU author of The Wall Of Night series
Yes, that's right -- Paul's post is featuring our very own SU author, Helen Lowe, and her award-winning The Wall Of Night series, which is why we're doubly pleased to be hosting him here on Supernatural Underground!

Paul tells us the focus of the post will be looking at the series in the context of contemporary, "fourth era" epic fantasy -- and all of us here at Team Supernatural Underground HQ are certainly keen to read on and find out moar!

In case you're not familiar with Paul, he was a regular contributor to the much-missed SF Signal 'zine and is also part of the  Skiffy and Fanty Show team. Paul's pieces have also appeared on and the B&N SciFi & Fantasy Blog. He describes himself as “a writer, gamer, blogger, podcaster, photographer, and ubiquitous genre enthusiast.”

This guest post will be a great indepth look at once of our SU authors and her work, as well as shining a spotlight on genre more generally — so do check back in on 1 September (US, EST) for:

“In Appreciation: Building on the Past — Helen Lowe’s Wall of Night” 

We'll be using #TheWallOfNight whenever we talk about it, so please feel free to do the same. :-)

We're sure looking forward to Paul Weimer's guest piece and seeing y'all on the 1st!

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