Saturday, December 16, 2017

Throw the Bones

Happy Holiday Season, Everyone!

Following on from last month's post, Seers and Storytelling, I have a fun exploration today - The Bone Thrower's Oracle, an online tarot card reading for you all to try. Writing under my pen name, you can find the online oracle at

In this new YA fantasy series, coming out in 2018, the fate of the world hinges on the throw of the bones. Black-robed savants, who raise nebulous phantoms and carry bags of whistle bones carved from human skeletons, control the realms. They keep to themselves in underground catacombs or temples near each sanctuary, carrying out their responsibilities – discerning the best times for planting, harvesting, hunting and war, providing counsel to the high savants and magistrates, archiving the records for each cast of the bones, and most important, determining the fate of Amassia’s children.
The Oracle at Delphi by John Collier

The black-robed bone throwers visit the home of every child,  searching for potential savants. A shake of the pouch, a toss of the bones, and the youngster’s future is sealed—either to trial at the sanctuary when they turned eight years old and, hopefully, raise a phantom and become savant, or, like so many, be found lacking in potential, classed forever as non-savant.

Worse yet if the throw of the bones shows them marred, damaged in some way, seen or unseen. Those children are sacrificed to the sea.

The tradition has governed the realms for thousands of years... until Ash is born. What her bones foretell, no one in the world is prepared for.

If you want to see what message the oracle has for you, a black-robed savant is waiting to throw the bones and answer your most burning questions. Go to and have a go.

It's the beta version, so please feel free to offer comments and suggestions for the upgrade.

Thanks, Everyone, and have a wonderful holiday season.


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