Sunday, September 16, 2018

An Image a Day Keep the Doctor Away

Michael Cheval  -  The Twelfth Caprice of Casanova
I made an amazing discovery while researching my current novel. I wasn't looking for a scientific paper on the benefits of viewing art. Not at all. I was looking for inspiration for a character response.

Dragon Sun by Stephani Pui-Mun Law
My hero, faced with multiple threats from every side, needed to keep her cool, her elegance, her composure. I wanted to 'see' the confidence in preparation to write it (because personally, if it were me in those shoes, I'd pick up my skirts and run).

Night Circus by Oleg Tchoubakov
So, as I searched through some of my favourite art pages, Pinterest,  Behance500pxInspiration Grid, I expanded out and found the Michael Cheval and Nina Y, both perfect for my character who doesn't face trouble so much as she feeds off it.

Digital Art by Nina Y
But, I also found this study, the gist being, that viewing art has a positive impact on our health.  It doesn't just lower anxiety and depression,  improving our immunity, it actually boosts critical thinking skills and inspires creativity.

Gabriel Pacheco
Talk about filling your tanks - a tip from Josh Whedon I learned years ago. He said, "My vacation from Buffy was two weeks every year, and in that time I read at least 10 books. My wife and I saw like nine plays, and that’s all we did. We just filled the tanks."

Angel Affair by Michael Parkes
I love that! On top of it all, viewing artwork that we find beautiful causes us to experience joys similar to those associated with falling in love. Do we need any other excuses?

Inspiration, anti-depressant, anxiety relief, immune strengthener, brain booster, and the ecstasy of falling love. So much for Pinterest being a guilty pleasure.

What about you? Fav art site? Museum? Gallery? Style? I'd love to hear about it.

See you in the comments.

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Helen Lowe said...

Love the images, Kim!

Reading is always a great restorative for me in the #writinglife -- & I do have a sneaking predilection for Merriam Webster's word puzzles, if that counts for your theme!

Terri Garey said...

Love this post, and the beautiful images, Kim! I often get sucked down the rabbit hole of searching out gorgeous images for inspiration; I usually do a small collage of images for each book. Anything by John Waterhouse sends my writer’s mind a’wandering... ��