Wednesday, May 3, 2023

"Listen with your Heart" and other great mentor lines

 Meeting the Mentor 2.0

Meeting the Mentor is a phase in a hero's journey where the soon-to-be-Hero, who has just faced a fear and RUN the other way, needs a little encouragement to take the first step on their journey. 

Honestly, who doesn't need a little encouragement, but this one will hit the hero in a very specific way. 

The mentor is person/object that helps ease the fear of the hero that made them refuse the call in the first place. This could be through  knowledge of the new world to combat a fear of the unknown, giving the hero confidence to overcome feelings of inadequacy, or giving them hope that they can survive the trials by serving as an example.

And its not a LOT of support- they don't ever give them the answers- they only give them enough to make them take that first step on their journey.  

   Do we really need to analyze how Grandmother Willow, Miyagi, Keating, and Yoda served as mentors to their potential heroes? Didn't think so.
In romance novels, especially our near and dear paranormals, the mentors for the heroes are pretty obvious. In Diaries, it was Iris, the very old and very sassy former Prima of Dallas. But my main character, Violet, actually ended up being a mentor for her romantic lead. He needed an example of someone living a life they loved enough to fight for. When he got over his fear of disobeying orders, he fought to create a life he wanted to live. And then the smooching ensued.

So how do you identify mentors in your own life? How do you find the courage you might need to say ‘yes’ to your calling?

Listen. Listen to what people have done in their lives, read what people have to say about their experiences (yes- this means a few non-fictions every now and then). Remember that each of us is on a journey. Everyone has had a dark moment, a moment of resurrection, has refused a call. Listen to their stories and learn from them. Everyone is a potential mentor, a potential guide. And one person might have that one kernel of truth you have been looking for to take the next step in your journey.

Now this doesn't mean that you should let just anyone talk your ear off. But remember Mr Miyagi was the maintenance man. Mentors can be found in unexpected places. You just have to be listening and don't let fear get in the way. 


Amanda Arista

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