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Helen Lowe in Conversation with Debut Romance Author, Beth Anne Miller

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When I joined the
Supernatural Underground, I thought it could be fun to do interviews with other writers from time to time, and today I am delighted to bring you the very first one—and to welcome my friend Beth Anne Miller, whose debut Romance novel, Into the Scottish Mist, is officially launching with The Wild Rose Press on February 4 in electronic and print-on-demand print editions. (Unofficially, I understand the print editions are already available …) I'll start with a brief introduction for Beth Anne, but I'll also let you know first up that there is a grand giveaway prize to celebrate the interview and the launch—details after the interview!


Introducing Beth Anne Miller:
A lifelong New Yorker, Beth Anne has been an avid reader since a ridiculously young age (rumor has it she was reading street signs at around 2, but this could be an urban legend), and is often in the middle of several books at once. A road trip through the eerie moors and misty Highlands of Scotland provided the inspiration for Into The Scottish Mist. A keen scuba diver and lover of all things Scottish, she currently works in the publishing industry in New York City and is planning her next road trip. Into The Scottish Mist is Beth Anne's first novel—so welcome Beth Anne!


Helen: Beth Anne, tell us about Into the Scottish Mist? Why Scotland?

Beth Anne: I have always had this inexplicable fascination with Scotland. I’m not from there and I have no Scottish heritage at all, but I’m just totally enamored with it. I love to go there, I love the music, the whisky, and of course, the accents and kilts! The novel was originally inspired by the Scottish actor Gerard Butler. At the time I started writing, he was not very well known, but had this small yet passionate group of devoted fans. There was a stunning photo of him from the movie “Attila,” in which he had long, dark, wild hair and intensely burning blue-green eyes, and I knew right then and there that this was what my hero needed to look like. In the earliest incarnation of the novel, the hero, Ian Mackenzie, is an up-and-coming actor, with a small but hugely devoted fan-base, and Abby, the heroine, meets him on an airplane and actually doesn’t know who he is. They hit it off and then meet up later in Scotland. That part is completely gone from the current version, in which they already have a past together before the start of the novel. But staring at that photo while I was writing definitely kept me inspired (and drooling).

Helen: What sparked you to write a time-travel Romance?

Beth Anne: I’d always enjoyed time-travel romances. In all the ones I’ve read, there’s one character from the present and one from the past, and one has to do some quick adapting. I wondered what it would be like if both were from the present and both ended up in the past. It grew from there, with the brainstorming help of some dear friends and helpful feedback from publishing professionals.

Helen: So how long did it take you to write the book, from that first idea, to the point when you felt satisfied it was "done"? Were there many revisions, or just a few "takes"?

Beth Anne: I first started it in January, 2006. I put it down for a few months and then re-read it that summer and started working on it again. I finished the first draft in September, 2006, and naively thought I was good to go and started querying it. But it was 172,600 words, which I didn’t realize was wayyyyyy too long for a romance novel. I joined a writing group, and got advice from fellow writers that I needed to cut it down. A lot. So I started working on it again. And again. I got some more feedback along the way, and kept cutting and re-writing. The Wild Rose Press offered me a contract in December, 2010, at which point it went through their professional editing process. It’s now a much stronger book because the story is tighter. In its original incarnation, one friend told me the first 50 pages read like an essay on “What I did on my Scottish vacation,” and he was right. There was too much roaming around scenic Scotland, and though it was fun to incorporate that part, it was totally unnecessary to moving the plot along. All writers think of their manuscripts as their children, and we hate to cut out anything. But once you step back and take a break, and then look at it with fresh eyes, you can often find a lot that needs to go. And then the editor, who has much less of a personal connection to the story, can come in with the unbiased eye and help smooth out the story, focusing on what’s important (character growth, action, narrative arc), and help axe the stuff that is just not needed.

Helen: I think a lot of writers follow a very similar path with their first novel—and there is so much as a writers that we have to learn by osmosis. Where's the manual?! But one of the truisms aspiring writers are told is that we have to read as well, particularly in our own genre. So as a Romance writer, I imagine you’re a big Romance reader yourself—what are some of your favorite books and/or authors?

Beth Anne: For romance, my favorites are Lynn Kurland, Nora Roberts, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Suzanne Brockmann, and Karen Marie Moning. These authors all share a talent for creating heroes who are big and strong and tough—they could probably crush you with their bare hands—but they also have that vulnerability that we can’t resist, the uncertainty that they’re not good enough for the women they love. For fantasy, I love The Lord of the Rings (of course!), C.L. Wilson, Juliet Marillier, Anne Bishop, who all create beautiful, magical, and believable worlds. My favourite thriller writer is Vince Flynn, who writes amazing and timely political/military thrillers. I also adore YA (Matched, Across the Universe, The Chronicles of Pellinor are favourites), and the Harry Potter & Percy Jackson series. And too many more to name here!

Helen: I think we get a sense of the elements that make a great Romance read for you from what you've just said about the books you love, but is there more you'd like to add? And did you find it hard to weave those important elements into your own writing?

Beth Anne: I want the heroine to be strong and I have to relate to her, even if we’re nothing alike. Again, I want the hero to be strong as well, and I especially love it when they have that vulnerability that would seem at odds with their strength, yet adds so much depth. I also want the escapism of a great romance novel, whether it’s historical or contemporary, paranormal or suspenseful. The most difficult part, in incorporating all those element into Mist, was writing the love scenes. I read a lot of romance, from the very sweet to the extremely steamy. I enjoy them all across the board, but I wanted my story to be passionate and sexy without being over the top erotic and graphically detailed. I remember trying to write the first kiss in the first draft. I had to get my coworker/brainstorming partner to practically hold my hand while I wrote it—which seems ridiculous now, with a completed manuscript and the whole revision process behind me! But I didn’t have many edits on the love scenes, so I guess they get the job done!

Helen: I think you did do well with those love scenes and the erotic elements! :) So now I have to ask this question—if cast away on a desert island, or cast back in time through those Scottish mists themselves, why would our readers want Ian, the hero of Into the Scottish Mist, to be cast away with them?

Beth Anne: Well, he’s strong and resourceful, easy on the eyes, and knows the words to a lot of songs to keep you entertained on that desert island …But seriously, I tried to make Ian Mackenzie everything that I love in a romance novel hero, and make sure he was believable and human at the same time. He’s big and strong and gorgeous and sexy—all required elements, of course. He’s devoted to the people he loves, and even though he’s a successful actor, he returns home to the family horse farm in the Highlands at every opportunity. He thinks his acting skills have prepared him for any situation, but when he’s faced with a real battle, with real weapons, he’s smart enough to know that he doesn’t know everything, and he isn’t always able to handle any situation. He’s also got a great sense of humor!

Helen: Are there other characters in Mist who are particularly significant to you? Why?

Beth Anne: Well, Abby, the heroine, is of course close to my heart. In the earliest draft of this story, she was living my dream of going on a road trip in Scotland and meeting this sexy, fantastic Scotsman. In this version, she’s a completely different character. She’s been very affected by heartbreak and tragedy, and barely a day after her arrival in Scotland, she finds herself trapped in the past, not knowing how to communicate and what to say that won’t get her burned as a witch. At first she’s frozen with fear, but she’s able to find the strength necessary to survive. Alannah, whom we meet in 17th century Scotland, is also close to my heart. She leads a very lonely existence, outcast from her village, only called upon if her healing skills are required. She has no one but her animals for company, and no one to talk to. When Abby appears on her doorstep, she’s thrilled to finally have someone to talk to, even though she is suspicious of who Abby really is and how she came to be there. I think we’re all terrified of being alone, and Alannah is (I hope) a reflection of that fear.

Helen: Family is an important secondary theme to the romance in Into the Scottish Mist, both in the contemporary and past settings. Was that a deliberate focus for you, or did it evolve as the story developed?

Beth Anne: It was always a big part of the story. I feel very strongly that family is so important, in real life and in fiction as well. So many of us are shaped by our parents—in good ways and in bad ways too, and I wanted to give my characters strong familial connections. Abby is drawn back to Scotland, and ultimately back to Ian, by a family tragedy. Although she’s been apart from Ian for years, his family welcomes her back with open arms, which is a huge source of comfort to her. Ian is extremely close to his parents and his brother Robbie, who had a much bigger role in an earlier version of the story, but I had to trim it way down in the interest of keeping the focus in the right place. And Alannah, whom we meet when Abby travels back in time, has had to get by without much family, and this has caused her to be very much alone.

Helen: Do you think any of those other characters might have stories of their own waiting in the wings to be told?

Beth Anne: It’s a definite possibility! Alannah really wants to find her happily ever after, so I’d like to accommodate her. And I also really love Robbie, Ian’s brother. He’s a little grouchy with me right now, because he lost out on a lot of face time in the final version of this story, but maybe we can find him a story of his own.

Helen: Into the Scottish Mist is being published in just a few days—a tremendously exciting moment for every debut author. How do you plan to celebrate?

Beth Anne: I think a gathering at the local Scottish pub is part of the plan. Kilted bartenders, whisky, and friends. Since I can’t get to the Scottish Highlands just now, that’s the next best thing! If anyone knows the cover model, please let him know! I know some people who want to meet him…

Helen: And is there a next book waiting in the wings? Or do you have other plans?

Beth Anne: I have some other things in the works that I’m hoping to spend more time with in the coming months. I have a few YA projects in the works—a nautical adventure and a gothic-ish romance, as well as a fantasy romance which focuses around an ancient warrior under a mysterious spell.

Helen: I always love that feeling of more stories waiting in the wings and wondering where they may take you! All part of the fun of being an author. Beth Anne, I am thrilled to have been able to have you as my guest here on the Supernatural Underground today. A first novel debut is always a very special moment and I know that we all wish you the very best for the success of Into the Scottish Mist.

And Supe readers, if you have questions for Beth Anne please feel free to post them here—I know she will do her best to answer them!


This Month's Giveaway: [Open to all Supe followers, US or international.]

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  • 1 each of Tracey O'Hara's Night Cold's Kiss and her hot-off-the-press, next-in-series Death's Sweet Embrace.
My thanks to Beth Anne, for supporting the interview with a giveaway of Into the Scottish Mist, and also to Nalini and Tracey for their very generous donation of the books to make up such a very grand Romantic Giveaway Package.

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Kelsey said...

Great interview, guys. I'm thinking I need to get my hands on this book...

Terri Garey said...

Into the Scottish Mist sound wonderful, Beth Anne! How could a book inspired by Gerry Butler NOT be?

Congratulations on your debut, and thanks for joining us in the Underground today!

Emm said...

Wow, thanks for the giveaway! And the deeper look and describtion of 'The Mist', online says I, to order!

Sharon S. said...

great interview. I like to hear about a book's journey from start to finsish. Where the idea came from, how it evolved, and the struggles and triumphs along the way. Thanks! and welcome to the Underground.

2 points for me!

Beth Anne Miller said...

Hi Everyone-- Thanks so much for your kind comments and for having me here!

Hi Kelsey and Emm! Thanks for posting!

Terri- Gerry Butler was definitely someone fun to picture while I was working on MIST. Swoon!

Beth Anne Miller said...

Hi Sharon S! Helen is a great interviewer, and she asked some terrific questions that really had me thinking about the creation of this book.

Laura Treacy Bentley said...

Hi, Beth,

Happy St. Brigid's Day!

My favorite character from your novel was Alannah. I found her intriguing and dark and lonely. That's great that you might write another book centered around her!

Hmmm, so that might mean more research in Scotland. Are you up for that?!


Beth Anne Miller said...

Hi Laura,

Thanks for visiting! I really love Alannah also, and I definitely wouldn't say no to a research trip to Scotland! Maybe in the summer, though...

Unknown said...

What is it about a man in a kilt? SERIOUSLY!! You def had me at "long dark hair & green eyes". EXCELELNT Interview! I really want to read this book. I LOVE time travel, throw in a SEXY kilted man in Scotland? My heart just skipped a beat! Thank you for the chance to win this!

Total points: 3/4 (cant bost on the blog) Thank you!


Beth Anne Miller said...

Hi Mindy! I tried replying before, but it seems to have gone into the ether. :(
I don't know what it is about a man in a kilt, but it's definitely one of the nicer things to look at!
Thank you so much for the kind words!

michelle mcmichael said...

Ok, I'm interested! I do love books set over here and the premise sounds interesting.

How hard did you find it to write in a Scottish accent?

Best of luck with the book and your upcoming projects!

Beth Anne Miller said...

Hi Michelle,

I started out in an early draft with a lot of Scottish dialect, and then decided it got really cumbersome, so I decided to get rid of most of it. Note to self: when using MS Word's "Find and replace" function, asking it to find "ye" and replace with "you" is a really bad idea. You end up with words like "eyous," "youllow," "yous," "yousterday," and many other bizarre words. I also didn't think to simply do an "undo," so I went through the whole thing looking for weird words and fixing them. Sigh.

I kept the accent stuff really simple, and threw in some Gaelic words and phrases that are as correct as I could make them. Hopefully it works!

Book Chatter Cath said...

What an awesome giveaway, and I wish you every success with the book.
I LOVE the Scottish Highlands!!! so you've definitely caught my attention:)
+1 entry for commenting

Anonymous said...

Beth - This is a terrific book! Love hearing how much work & re-work went into the various versions from start to finish. The finished product was definitely a wonderful result of all that revision effort. Secretly, I'm hoping Book 2 will show Alannah and Robbie finding each other through the mist! I don't want Alannah to be lonely anymore and this will let Robbie be back in the spotlight too! Keep writing! :-) Hannah

Beth Anne Miller said...

Cath- thank you so much!

Hannah- thank you for the kind words... I hope Alannah and Robbie have happiness in their futures as well! :)

SandyG265 said...


Would you ever combie scuba and romance in a story?

sgiden at

Beth Anne Miller said...

Hi Sandy!

I actually have a YA idea that I've been batting around that involves scuba diving. It's in the early stages yet, but hopefully it'll get there. It's a great love of mine, so thanks for asking!

Unknown said...

Sounds great, Beth Anne! I wish you tons of success!

Jaime Rush

Beth Anne Miller said...

Thank you so much, Jaime!!

Jennifer McAndrews said...

Fab interview -- I love reading about the writing process, and hearing how first draft transitioned to finished product. Now I can't wait to crack open my copy of Mist!!

Beth Anne Miller said...

Hey Jen!

Thanks for posting! I hope you love it!!

Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

I love the cover here! It makes it look so mysterious!

+1 Supernatural Underground is linked from my blog a GREAT read


Beth Anne Miller said...

Thanks so much, Jessica! The cover is gorgeous. Many people ask me if they can meet him, and my response is, of course: "Me first!" :)

Deea said...

I have to confess that it's the first time I heard about Beth Anne's book, but now I'm very intrigued here! I'll pick it up ASAP. Probably this happened to other readers too. So how would Beth Anne describe her book in just a few words? So it could get to her readers easier? Give us the twitter-like version (140 characters or so).:))

Thanks for the giveaway!

Beth Anne Miller said...

Hi Deea,

Wow-- this was really challenging. Ok, here's the short, short version:

Scottish actor Ian follows his estranged love Abby through the mist by Loch Ness. 400 years in the past, they must end a clan feud or sacrifice their happiness.

Here's the longer version:

Sometimes, in order to have a future, one must journey to the past.
Abby returns to Scotland, where a chance detour reunites her with Ian, the love she left behind. Their attempt to rekindle their romance is cut short when Abby vanishes near Loch Ness. Ian must travel through time to find her. 400 years in the past, they must end a bitter clan feud or sacrifice their return to the present and their future together.

Thanks for the challenge and the kind words!

Robin Ruinsky said...

Nice interview!

Beth Anne Miller said...

Hi Robin,

Thanks for stopping by!

Helen Lowe said...

Thanks for the positives about the interview, everyone--I had a great time with Beth Anne putting it together and hope to do some more 'from time to time.'

And Beth Anne--congratulations again!

Beth Anne Miller said...

Thank you so much for having me here, Helen!!

suzie townsend said...

Great interview Beth! Can't wait to read this :)

Beth Anne Miller said...

Thanks, Suzie! I hope you love it!

Christina said...

I'm so excited about this book! Congratulations on your debut, Beth Anne!

Karen Marie Moning is the author that got me hooked on a good time travel romance, so I am very excited about Mists

Beth Anne Miller said...

Hi Christina!

Thank you for the kind words! Have you read Karen Moning's Fever series?

Karyn Gerrard said...

Great interview, all the best for your release! Love time travel, I also have read the Moning books.

+1 comment
+1 linking SU at my blog,

Beth Anne Miller said...

Thanks, Karyn! I appreciate the kind words!

Jolene and Family said...

Would love to go to Scotland, sooo jealous :) Your book sounds amazing. I've read a few time travels and I've loved them and can't wait to get a hold of some more. I've gotten ahold of Janet Chapmen and I randomly came across Till There Was You by Lynn Kurland. This was actually my first Time Travel and I LOVED it and was so intrigued by some of the other characters that I looked her up and couldn't believe how many other books I need to read to catch up :) Can't wait to read this, thanks for the chance to win

+1 commenting
+1 tweeting!/joleneallcock/status/32610431382065152


Beth Anne Miller said...

Hi Jolene!

I love Lynn Kurland-- her books are truly wonderful. I think my favorite one is If I Had You.

Thank you for the kind words!

HopeBK said...

So pleased about this give away, thanks SO much for this opp.

Have to love all the research put into historical novels!
It must take AGES!
Always enjoyable to read! Learning at the same time, truth bent a little or not :P

Casey H said...

I have to say, that even if I hadn't read the interview and found out more about "Into the Scottish Mist," I so would have picked it up and read it for the cover alone ;D I wanna meet him!!!

+1 for comment
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+1 linking to S.U. on my facebook

Total: 3


Beth Anne Miller said...

Hi Hope! It does take a lot of research, made much easier by the internet! Not sure how people did it a decade or two ago-- I guess they used... the library!

Hi Casey! Thanks so much! The cover guy is really swoon-worthy, isn't he? I wish I knew him. :)

Harris said...

Oh my god. I so cannot wait to get my hands on this book! It sounds EPIC!!!


Beth Anne Miller said...

Thanks, Harris! I appreciate it!

Lucy said...

Congrats on your debut!!

I can't wait to read it =)



Justine R said...

Oh wow! I can't get over that it was inspired by Gerard Butler!! I absolutely love him!!!! (One day, I'm going to marry that man - you mark my words! He's going to be the father of my future kids! ;D)


Beth Anne Miller said...

Thanks, Lucy!!!

Justine, you may have to fight me for Gerry! Thanks for posting!

donnas said...

Great interview. Congrats on the release! You really must be so excited. Looking forward to reading it.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

mariska said...

It's always fun knowing a new for me author ;)

+1 Posting in the comments section
+1 Twitted :!/becunique/status/32703488400035840

+1 post on Facebook :

uniquas at ymail dot com

Beth Anne Miller said...

Hi Donna and Mariska,
Thanks so much for posting and for your kind words!

Unknown said...

I am so excited! Thank you so much. I cannot WAIT to get my hands on these books. I am SO ready for some romance novels! Thank you so much!!!!!