Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Music, Movies and Books

A huge shout out to all the followers of this Blog! I hope you're warm wherever you are! Here in the land of Canuk, it's freezing. Absolutely freezing I tell you. BUT, the sun is shining so I'm kinda okay with that. I really, really, hate the dreary, grey skies...they make me a little well, edgy.

Good news, the local expert in such things, a groundhog no less, says that there is only six more weeks of winter and I don't know about you, but that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. On the inside at least, cause like I already said.....freaking cold in Canuk land.

With the thought of spring and new things, I'm going to share some of the stuff I'm looking forward to.

It's no secret that I love music. And Nikki Sixx. HELLO (I'm working on a sekret project right now and my hero is the love child of said sexy rocker Nikki Sixx and Jon Bon Jovi)

And Mr. Nikki has a new book and new cd coming out and oh my, we SHARE THE SAME PUBLISHER! HarperCollins is releasing his book, This is Gonna Hurt in April. You can read all about it HERE. He will also be releasing a new cd to coincide with the books release. If you haven't read The Heroin so. It's harrowing, scary and full of awesomesauce. It's a very real account of his addiciton to Heroin just as Motley Crue were on thier way to the bigtime. I respect his willingness to put it all out there in a very, raw and honest accounting.

I'm also looking forward to new books by our own Jeaniene Frost, the debut of Karina Coopers new series, Blood of the Wicked, Pamela Palmers latest Feral Warriors novel (RAWR) and Sable Grace's debut, Ascension!

On the movie front I'm looking forward to Cowboys & Aliens and I AM NUMBER this trailer and tell me what you think! The lead actor, Alex Pettyfer is also tapped to play Jace, in The Mortal Instruments movies and I'm stoked...he's perfect for the role.

So, what are you all looking forward to? Any other suggestions you'd like to add? which books, movies and music are you most excited about?


The Mrs said...

I am totally stoked about the release of Thor in May and Patricia Briggs' River Marked coming out in March. It's going to be an expensive year!

heather said...

1) thanks for the shout out!
2) you mentioned Jon Bon Jovi. Funny how even seeing his name randomly printed in a blog gets me all aflutter. Bon Jovi was my first concert at 10 years old and 23 years later, I still want to have his love child. Sorry, Nikki Sixx, he's mine! (By the way, that love child combonation never entered my fantasies, but oh what a lovely baby they'd make!)
3) I'm a product of big hair bands of the 80s. Brett Michaels (yay for comebacks!) Dokken, Ratt, Metallica. Does it get any better??? I vote we all chip in, get all those bands together and set up an Ozzfest of the 80s. I'm so there! Woodstock for the nostalgic!~ Heather

Sable Grace said...

Sigh. The shout out above referrenced Sable Grace. Stupid automatic sign in! ~Heather

Sharon S. said...

Cowboys and Aliens, what more can anyone say . I am looking forward to anything kick-ass and action filled. The next Jack Sparrow movie, just cause I like to look at him. Books, don't even get me started! Feb 22 has so many books coming out I need (not want), but need to read . One thing I am not looking forward to is summer :( I like the cold.

Juliana Stone said...

Heather/Sable Grace Lady, squeee! I've had a thing for Jon since I was a teen, have seen him 4 times and love him! Nikki feeds my darkside a little more than Jon! My kid is 14 now and I love that he's into Ozzie (did you know Zakk Wylde has a book coming out with Harper too?) Metallica, Warrant...oy, I could go on. Love that your tastes are so much like mine!

Juliana Stone said...

oh and Heather, I stood right beside mr. jon bon in Toronto years ago after a show they'd done with Skid Row...RIGHT BESIDE HIM, made an absolute ass out of myself but hey, RIGHT BESIDE HIM

Juliana Stone said...

@The Mrs ooohhh, yes Thor does look really, really, yummy!

heather said...

I... am jealous! I've seen them 3 times and once, when I was 16, I went with my sister to a concert and he tried to pull me up on stage to dance to Bad Medicine and I froze like a damn moron and couldn't move. So, needless to say, the girl next to me went up instead. Still fuming about that! Never saw Motley Crue tho I adored them (Nikki the most of course) but did see alot of other hair bands! I even saw Nelson (blush).

Tyhitia Green said...

There are too many books for me to name, but I can't wait to see I am Number Four and The Hunger Games. :-D

Yay for 80's hair bands! ;-)

Juliana Stone said...


weeeeeeeeeeeee! I am going to see Bon Jovi on Valentines day! lucky me!