Monday, March 21, 2011

Excitement building for RT Convention!

In a little over ten days, I hop on a plane in Sydney, Australia and depart it some thirteen hours later in Los Angeles!

I'm so excited - it's my first trip to America. I've been going nuts and have worked out my itinerary - I'm staying in Hollywood to start, and I'm doing a mix of geeky stuff (La Brea tar pits), sporty stuff (LA Dodgers at home v SF) and celebrity stuff (studio tour). I've organised an overnight trip to San Fransisco, where I'll be checking out Alcatraz among other things. I've got a day organised in Pasadena (where I'll not only be taking tea with Gail Carriger but then checking out Big Bang Theory mentioned places) and my last day in the region will be in Santa Monica.

However, the big reason I'm coming over is the RT Convention. I'm a little scared, I will admit - I've only been to science fiction conventions here in Australia and they're lucky to get over 300 folks (although Worldcon last year was much bigger). I'm guessing my first viewing of RT is going to make me simultaneously hyped and terrified.

But it's going to be great for a number of reasons:

a) I'll get to meet several of my fellow Supernatural Undergrounders
b) I'll get to meet some of my favourite authors
c) I'm going to learn A LOT about the state of the industry in the US (which isn't just bigger than Australia, but different in many, many ways)
d) I'll get to spend days talking romance, heroes, heroines, things that go bump in the night (both in good and bad ways) with fellow devotees.

I'm bringing a few physical copies of my books over, since they're only available electronically in the States at the moment (well, they are on Kindle - if you've got a Kobo or iPad, you should be able to get them too). I'd love to bring masses over to entice you all, but I've got to bring SOME clothes with me (although US = shopping!!!!!). If you want to get a copy of Secret Ones or Power Unbound, I'll be at Club RT at 2.15 on Wednesday, otherwise if you catch up with me ask.

I hope I get to meet lots of you readers at RT as well - we already know we share a mutual love of PR/UF, so let's see what else we have in common too.

Are you going to be there? What are you looking forward to?


Katie Dalton said...

I am so disappointed I wont be there this year to meet you Nicole. :( Budget wont allow it and work wont give me the time off. *sobbing*

BUT as an SF Bay Area resident I hope you have a good time up my way. Make sure to grab a bite to eat at Bubba Gumps which is on pier 39 very close to where you will be going out to see Alcatraz. AND you have to take a walk across the Golden Gate! A MUST if you come to the Bay.

Have fun at RT and I hope to be there next year. :)

Katie from I Smell Sheep

StacieDM said...

Hello Nicole!
I will be going to my first RT. I am super excited to go to all of the workshops and social events. I will be taking an empty suitcase for all of the books I buy at the Book Fair. My two favorite authors (who convinced me to go to RT) invited me to a dinner and breakfast that week. I think I am looking forward to that most of all. I hope to see you at Club RT!

Sharon S. said...

can't go :( so I will be living vicariously through everyone here that goes. Enjoy the US and maybe one day you can make it to the East coast (we are cooler than our West coast partners ;)

KerrelynSparks said...

Hi Nicole! Looking forward to meeting you at RT! Wishing you a fabulous time in California!

Terri Garey said...

I can't believe it's coming up on us so fast! I'm looking forward to meeting you, Nicole, as well as Merrie and some other Harper authors! It'll be so nice to put real faces on my virtual author friends!

You are going to be exhausted, girl, because it is one BIG conference, and so much fun!

Nicole Murphy said...

Katie - thanks for the SF tips. I had noticed Bubba Gumps on a website and wondered if worth it - now I know it is :)

Stacie - hope you have a fabulous time at RT. I don't doubt that you're going to return with lots of books - that's one of the best bits of conventions :)

Sharon - vicarious living has a lot going for it. Generally, you sleep and eat better, for starters :)

Kerrelyn and Terri - thanks! Will be great to have time to talk shop face to face :)

Cylver said...

Nicole, while you're in the Bay Area, I highly recommend crossing the Golden Gate Bridge and spending some time in Muir Woods, especially if you're a nature lover. It's truly an inspiring place!

Have a great time in L.A!